I have created a new series of chakra guided meditations, and the first is the throat chakra guided meditation. I created this in light of the post, “Finding the Courage to Speak Up,” which resonated with so many of you. 

As I wrote the script and created the video, I had moments where I smiled in bliss. This meditation felt so empowering to create and I hope you find it worth your time to listen. 

I have included the script below if you don’t want to listen and just want to do this practice in silence

Throat Chakra Guided Meditation Script

Begin Your Practice

As you begin this practice, make sure you won’t be disturbed. 

You may sit in a chair with your feet flat on the floor, or on a cushion – wherever you may be comfortable. Just be sure the position you find is one that you can maintain long enough for this meditation. Be kind to yourself. If you find that you need to shift, do so with mindfulness and calm. 

When you meditate, it’s okay to have thoughts – they will come! Welcome them. Meditation shouldn’t be a strain. Don’t try too hard. Just bring your gentle, nonjudgmental attention back to this meditation when you find your thoughts have taken you somewhere else. 

Let go of expectations. You have come to your chair or cushion. Let yourself settle into this practice to benefit from this time of calm and silence. Once you begin this meditation, stick with it until the end. 

Do the practice

Close your eyes, or cap them halfway, with a soft unfocused gaze. 

Bring your awareness to the breath. Notice the rise and fall of the chest, the natural rhythm of breathing. Sit with the breath for a few moments.

If you find your thoughts wandering, gently come back to this throat chakra meditation. Thoughts are okay. Let them come. Welcome them. Gently let them go by coming back to this meditation. Be kind to yourself. 

Now, take two or three deep yawns. You can “fake yawn” until one comes on. 

Bring your attention back to the breath. Notice the natural rhythm of your breathing. 


Breathe in, deeply, first into your diaphragm and then into your chest. Inhale as much as you can. 

Slowly begin to release the air, starting with your chest, then your belly. Do this for two more breaths.

Bring your attention to the root of your being, the base of the spine. A tiny ball of red energy spins there. 

Bring your attention to the sacral chakra, two fingers below the navel. Its energy is orange.

The solar plexus chakra is above that. It is a tiny ball of yellow energy two fingers above the navel. 

At the center of your chest is the heart chakra. It is a tiny ball of green energy. 

These red, orange, yellow, and green balls of energy spin and grow. As they get bigger, their energy moves up toward the throat.

The Throat Chakra

Located at the base of the throat is the throat chakra. 

It is a tiny sky blue light, spinning. 

With each breath, grow this blue light. Expand it first to your neck. Then expand again to the mouth, then the ears, then your entire head. 

Take another breath and continue to expand this light. 

Expand until it is all around you and you are in a bubble of blue light. 

Hold that blue light all around you for three breaths.

Focus this beautiful blue light back on the throat. Coat the throat with this blissful light, both inside and out. Illuminate the voice box, the thyroid, and all around the neck. Send this light to the mouth to coat your teeth, tongue, and lips. This light expands to your ears, awakening your ability to listen. 

This light heals all these areas as it moves over them. 

Blue filaments of light glide over and all around the throat, strengthening the voice. 

Chanting Hum

Keep your breathing normal. In a moment, I will guide you through a few slower breaths before beginning to chant the word “hum.” You can chant silently, whisper, or say the word aloud. Hum resonates with the throat chakra, awakening and strengthening it. As you breathe, bring the air into your belly. 

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out. 

Breathe in. 

Breathe out. 

Now, inhale to chant.


Inhale to chant.


Inhale to chant.




(Continue for about two minutes)

Return to normal breathing

Let your breathing return to normal. 

The blue light still surrounds you. Your voice and all the areas in the throat chakra absorb this light and awaken. 


You speak your truth

You have a voice

You are understood

You are a good listener

Spend a couple minutes in silence as you continue to keep this healing light energized. As you breathe, ribbons of this light touch your throat, mouth and ears.

Ending Your Meditation

Keep your eyes closed or capped as you near the end of this meditation. 

It’s important to come out of meditation slowly.

Bring your awareness back to the breath. Allow yourself to feel the in and out rhythm of the rise and fall of the breath.

On your next inhale, allow the fingers and toes to wiggle if you wish. Gently shift your arms or legs as needed. 

When you’re ready, open your eyes with a soft downward gaze. Keep your focus inward. 

Open your eyes fully as you’re ready. You may return to your day.


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