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What 16 Masters Say About Love

What do the masters say about love? February is the month of love and it's always good to talk about love. After all, there can never be enough of it in the world. I do my best to spread love. I thought it might be fun to look into quotes about what different masters...

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Does meditation even work?

Does meditation even work? I've had some folks ask me this question from time to time. It's usually a question that comes from someone who's never tried it, but occasionally I get this question from experienced meditators. After all, you spend a lot of time "just...

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Taking a Moment…For the Snow

I'm taking a moment...for the snow. Sometimes it's worth taking a moment...for the snow. There's something about the snow in winter that blankets the landscape with a layer of peace. The billions of snowflakes that are all unique, pile on roofs, trees, and the...

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The mind is water

The mind is water Have you ever thought about the interesting metaphor about how the mind is water? It can be quite powerful juxtaposing two completely different things and comparing them. It just might help you see meditation and mindfulness in a new light. Rapid...

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Music that moves the soul

Music that moves the soul Think about when you watch a movie. Suspenseful music makes you anticipate a dramatic scene. There is all kinds of music in the world. Some of it is loud and noisy. Some of it is distinctly rhythmic. It has the power to create mood. Upbeat...

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How to find the time to meditate

Some ways you can find the time to meditate In this day and age, we have so much coming at us from every direction. Phones, televisions, computers, automobiles, appointments, meetings, learning, and then trying to find the time to meditate feels like it's one more...

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About Cynthia

About Cynthia

Cynthia is a longtime meditator, teacher, artist and writer. She is on a lifelong spiritual journey of looking within to be able to bring some peace into the world.

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