Revelations in Silence

Sometimes when you take a little time out, and a little time to reflect, you get big revelations in silence.

If you are on my email list, then you will have received emails from me in the past week about my experience with going about life in silence. My husband was out of town, which gave me a bit of space to work in silence, commute in silence, do dishes in silence, not watch the news at all, and generally just conduct my life much more mindfully than otherwise.

If you have never done this, you can still live at your normal life, but you take out a huge portion of noise. I recommend it for every single person on this planet.

The following words are the revelations in silence I had…just this week!

You get insights

The thing about inviting more silence into your life is that the sounds that normally crowd your brain and silence your intuition suddenly stop. You’re left with the sound of your beating heart, your normal thoughts uninterrupted in your head, and just the essence of you.

This makes room for you to solve problems more quickly, get intuitive answers, and I feel a lot more calm, in general.

I, for one, noticed the content of my thoughts a lot more. Sure, I’ve meditated a long time. Even still, I don’t always categorize my thoughts and know what they are.

I noticed that I thought intensely about my meditation business this week. I thought about sending love to friends and family. I thought about work at my day job. I thought about how I appreciated my husband. He had been gone on a ski trip, and absence sure does make the heart grow fonder.

Nix the coach

You may know that I have been working with a coach the past few months to “properly” launch my meditation business and course. A few things happened on Friday that can help me to rethink my relationship with my coach.

Don’t get me wrong, she has been instrumental in helping me figure out how to niche-down here on my website, understand what you all might want out of it, and help me create a course that I am proud of. I would never have done any of this without her help.

But in my week of silence, I realized that what she was asking me to do was become more of a salesperson, rather than a teacher. Under certain circumstances this is not a bad thing. But for me, my personality, and my need to teach meditation to anyone that would ask, this runs counter to my values.

I realized that while she had me create a high-end course, I was never really wanting to work with a high-end crowd – at least exclusively. It’s just not in my DNA. I am on this planet to teach, not sell.

On Saturday, I did a self-prescribed tech retreat. I spent very little time with my phone, and computer. I went and had coffee with a friend. I went to the library. I spent the afternoon reading. And I a second hour of meditation in the afternoon.

Doing a little restructuring

It was in that second hour that I realized that I wanted to restructure things a bit, in terms of teaching meditation. The idea of the course, at least for me, was to enable people that wanted to work with me, but due to location or time, could not. The course was meant to be an option if we weren’t able to meet face-to-face.

I also wanted to get out to the community, desperately. I don’t mind offering donation-based classes. I’ve even thought about working with prison populations. Or homeless populations.

My coach also had me emailing my list more often. You’ve probably noticed if you were on my email list. I didn’t feel good about that, either.

Meditation Is Sacred

Meditation, to me, is a sacred practice. I cannot, in good conscience, teach it such that others are locked out.

That is not what the teacher does. A teacher invites students to be a part of their teaching. Sure, there is an energetic exchange that must take place. That’s why I won’t do classes for free, but I’ll still ask for something in return so that there is an exchange of energy. This exchange is vital for the growth of both parties.

This approach might mean that I’m always “small potatoes” – and that’s completely fine with me. My email list isn’t very big. But every person on there is someone that I see. That I interact with. That I will respond to, should they email me.

This is about answering my calling. About sacred practice. About inviting others to experience the calmness and healing that comes with a disciplined meditation practice.

And so, I will tell my coach, that “her way” is not my way. My course will be a fraction of what she asked me to charge, and I will email my list when I know it is purely beneficial for the people who open those emails.

The tech retreat

It was during my week of silence that I decided to do a mini-retreat on Saturday. I am trying to do this once a month. Essentially I don’t get on the computer and I go “deep within” for 24 hours.

To be sure, I hope to do longer retreats this year (that someone else leads), but just that break yesterday was so powerful.

I was able to intuit information about my business. There were even almost unrelated insights that I gained. With my husband being gone, I can see why there are people out there who feel lonely when they do not have a partner in life.

To be sure, I am not lonely. But the insights that I gained from a week of silence gave me a peek into what others might feel like when they do not have companionship. To be sure, my practice, and my own sense of self-worth have always allowed me to stand firm in my own space without the need to rely on anyone else to feel complete.

I am complete. I always was, and always will be. Click To Tweet ⬆️ Tweet that if you agree, because it applies to everyone.

Having a beautiful partner in life is an incredible bonus to this feeling of completeness.

The podcast

Since completing my meditation training late last year, I have been wanting to start a podcast.

With the 30 or so of you that I spoke to late last year, almost all of you indicated that you wanted me to do a podcast.

Building the course has kept me busy. But now I am seriously entertaining this idea. After my tech retreat, I felt the need rising and rising to get this started sooner rather than later.

Part of why I haven’t started a podcast just yet, is that I’m not sure what the content should be. Maybe you can help me.

I’ve thought about doing a straight up meditation podcast of guided meditations. But, a lot of people like to listen to podcasts while they’re commuting in their cars. I don’t ever recommend meditating while driving, for the record.

That said, I thought about talking about the same content that I usually talk about in a blog post, but in a podcast. I’ve even thought about interviewing people in the meditation sphere. That it could include secular as well as nonsecular leaders who would then share their insights.

This is where you come in. I have a quick poll to see what you might like to hear in a podcast.

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Now the fun begins!

All these insights, these notions of teaching meditation, tech retreats, working with coaches, podcasts – all these things – came from a week of silence. Do you see why I recommend it for you?

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