Sacred Travels

When I travel somewhere, it’s usually to a sacred place. Here you’ll find posts that are like journal entries from my travels, or information about a particular place.

Going on Sacred Journeys

Going on Sacred Journeys

Going on Some Sacred Journeys Friends, these next two weeks will differ from the routine: I will be going on some sacred journeys. Traveling gives you a different perspective, gets you out of your routine, and makes you think differently. --Cynthia Sageleaf My husby...

July Travels…So Far

July Travels…So Far

To my friends on this journey, we arrived home last evening and I had enough time to compile these short videos and upload them before heading to dream land. For the next two days, I will be home, catching up a bit on blogs, writing, getting into a bit of a routine,...

A Little Travel Break

Hello to all the wonderful folks who find themselves here at I & S. As you probably know, I'm out and about traveling the northeastern part of the US. It's been an incredible trip so far, but I don't have regular access to the internet. In fact, this short post is...

A Month of Sacred Travel

A Month of Sacred Travel

If you don't want to read or want to listen to the audio/video version of this post, you can take a look at the video: It's now been three full months since I've started the LIFE Project. I've learned so much: lots of walking, meditation,...

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