What do the masters say about love?

February is the month of love and it’s always good to talk about love. After all, there can never be enough of it in the world.

I do my best to spread love. I thought it might be fun to look into quotes about what different masters say about love.

As I read through the different quotes, I began to understand that many of the masters were referring to self-love and universal love. This invites mindfulness. If we can look within and truly love ourselves, then we can change the world. Truly.

Mindfulness and Love

It is said that when one reaches enlightenment, they become love. They embody love. They inspire others to love. And they even can love their enemies.

I read “Be Love Now” by Ram Dass in autumn 2018. I was riveted by his story of how he visits a master named Maharaj-ji (not be confused with Maharishi, another master listed below) and almost immediately experienced an awakening.

This was just from being in the presence of an enlightened person who had learned to embody the true meaning of love.ย 

Ram Dass never returned to teaching at Harvard after that. His whole life changed and it’s quite a story. So many remarked, after his return to the States, how “in love” he seemed. ย 

This is one reason meditation is so powerful: it has the power to transform. To help you reach your fullest potential. To help you be love and spread love.

The Masters

I chose each of these folks based on their statements about love, and my familiarity with them. For each master, I have either read about them from various sources, learned about them through study, or read their book.

If you really look at each of these quotes, you’ll understand that they come from a place of enlightenment.

Incredibly, most humans will never experience this state.

I hope to one day. This lifetime journey, to me, is so worth it. And how awesome is it to inspire others to get on the path to enlightenment?ย 

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Mother Teresa

Maya Angelou

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Saint Teresa of Avila

Dalai Lama XIV

Jesus Christ

Albert Einstein

Mahatma Gandhi

Eckhart Tolle




Ram Dass

Lao Tzu

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