I’m taking a moment…for the snow.

Sometimes it’s worth taking a moment…for the snow.Β There’s something about the snow in winter that blankets the landscape with a layer of peace. The billions of snowflakes that are all unique, pile on roofs, trees, and the streets.

This is a short post. For the past year I have been training in meditation, then working with a business coach, and creating a meditation course. These are wonderful things.

But then Mother Nature gently told me, “it’s time to take a break.” I listened.

Slowing down

When the snow started falling, I had to step out onto the porch and admire the marvels of nature:

In the morning, I wanted to compare that with what it looked like the night before.

It was the first big snow we’ve had, and it’s amazing how the town, with its zooming cars, blaring trains, and endless to-dos, comes to a halt. The snow covers everything up, as a parent does when putting a child to bed, to invite slumber in warmth.

Losing power…lends itself to mindfulness

We lost power sometime in the night. The booming transformer not far from the house lit up the thick sky intermittently with sparkly bursts of electricity. I peeked out of the curtain to marvel at the general brightness of the landscape.

The power came on about eight hours later. When I heard the hum of the furnace firing in the basement, I closed my eyes and gave thanks to the crews outdoors who were giving up their own comforts to work through the night to get power to as many people as possible.

The quiet snow-bright night sky

A clear night sky is midnight blue with sparkling gems for stars. A snowy landscape, I observed, distributes the ambient light from the town or city and spreads it all around to create a foggy twilight reflected by the snow on the ground.

A lack of power meant that the computer was off. I decided that it had been a long while to just be and play. It was time to go skiing.

My husband took some photos with his phone. The protective cover on his phone is a wee bit scratched, hence the vintage-looking clips. I stitched the photos together to show stills of me pretending to crash into him as we were skiing.

I share this with you because it’s all too easy to get swept up in all the to-dos. To push through and forget that we also must take time for joy. Especially around the holidays when things seem to shift into high gear and our lists of things to do seems to grow by the moment.

It’s important to breathe and just be. The accumulation of snow gently reminded me of that. Instead of my usual researched and more serious posts about meditation, this one is a mindful recap of a snowy day.

I hope you take a day yourself to just be and just play – soon! Think about taking a moment…for the snow.

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