Music that moves the soul

Think about when you watch a movie. Suspenseful music makes you anticipate a dramatic scene. There is all kinds of music in the world.

Some of it is loud and noisy. Some of it is distinctly rhythmic. It has the power to create mood. Upbeat music can lift your mood.

In the same way, music that moves the soul has the power to get you into a more mindful, spiritual state.

In fact, this is pretty much the music I listen to now (unless I choose silence). Sure, every once in awhile I love a good folk song, or a song that brings me back to a certain time in my life, or a soulful song that resonates with my mood.

In fact, some of these soundtracks (perhaps all, depending on how you meditate) can be used for meditation.

Instrumental music calms

But inspiring instrumental music is often a daily part of my commute on days that I work outside of the house, and when I’m at home, I often sit at the computer and work to this music, as well. It’s calming. It brings my awareness to the breath. It helps put me into a calm mood.

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My favorite spiritual soundtracks

I thought I would share some of my favorite soundtracks with you. If you’re interested, I also created a playlist of them over on my YouTube channel. The following list isn’t in any particular order. I really love them all.

I included YouTube videos here, but if you happen to have Amazon Prime, you can create a playlist over there and download onto your phone (using their music app) for listening in the car.

I hope that you, too, will find this acceptable as music that moves the soul.

Krishna Das – “Om Namah Shivaya”

This is known as “kirtan” music – chanting music. It’s a mantra in Hindu, and is one of the most popular in India. It means “O salutations to the auspicious one!”, or “adoration to Lord Shiva.” Sue over at Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary originally introduced me to this and I’m so, so grateful. I never get tired of listening to this soundtrack.

Jalan Jalan – “Firefly Sanctuary”

This music is just…incredible for the soul. It really does make me think of glowing fireflies (or lightning bugs) in a pristine tropical area.

Future World Music – “Spiritual Awakening”

The original version of this song brings you into an almost other-worldly experience. I find it too short, and often play it two or three times in a row – because it’s so moving. I feel my consciousness drift into peace whenever I listen.

Blackmill – “Spirit of Life”

This music is what’s considered “dubstep” – it has electronic tones and strong rhythm. But it is precisely this rhythm that rings through my heart and makes me feel like I’m having an almost out-of-body experience when I close my eyes to just listen.

Audiomachine – “A Tree of Life”

This is a powerful instrumental piece. You can hear the drums, violins, and other instruments playing in perfect harmony together. It’s also a moving soundtrack. I also liked it because I have a connection to the Tree of Life.

Lindsey Sterling – “The Arena”

This instrumental piece by Sterling is one of my all-time favorites – in general. The drums, the violin, the lead in to the middle part of the piece…I get chills every time this song plays. I often play it over and over in my car (but I’m careful to not overdo it – I don’t ever want to get sick of it).

Sacred Spirit – Yeha-Noha

I believe this song came out in 1995. I found it pretty much immediately – I bought a CD (remember those?) with this song on it and often played it as study music. It makes me feel more connected to the planet, to animals, and I feel greater compassion for all, especially for those who have been oppressed throughout the ages.

Glitch Mob – “Animus Vox”

The first minute of this song to about 1:11 (a power number symbol, by the way) feels like the bass gently shakes the heart and mind to attention. This music is more “electronic” than others, but it’s so well done and rhythmic that you just want to stop and listen. I also love how they incorporate sacred geometry into their artwork.

Epic Soul Factory – “Everdream”

I discovered this soundtrack when I was compiling this list. The music immediately captured my heart and I knew I would include it here. It reminds me of the epic spiritual journey that I’m on and it feels like it almost whispers, “You’re connected. Keep going.”

Jalan Jalan – “Lotus”

This soundtrack reminds me of childhood and one of those little xylophone toys. It’s whimsical, and yet the voices beckon you to another place. They speak to the soul. This particular soundtrack isn’t one I hit the “repeat button” on too often because of the high-pitched xylophone sound, but I still love the tune and harmonics.

Sean Christopher – “For Andromeda”

This is another soundtrack I discovered while compiling this list and knew it was a keeper the moment I started listening. The violins draw you in. I makes me think of simpler times, and I found myself smiling and taking deeper breaths as I listened – as if I were flying on a special journey.

Blackmill – “Evil Beauty”

Blackmil’s dubstep style is recognizable in this piece. You can hear keyboards and other electrical instruments that sound so good together. I never thought I’d say I was interested in “electronic music” but here I am. I think if there’s a tool that can help you get into a more mindful state – modern or ancient – then I’m all for it.

Ludovico Einaudi – “Night”

Einaudi is a brilliant musical composer. He combines old and new – piano, percussion, guitar with a bit of electronica to create musical pieces that are quite epic. His pieces start out calm and then develop into a crescendo that gently reverberates through the soul. The animation in this particular video is neat to watch, as well.

Tracey Chattaway – “Nightsky”

When you start listening to this soundtrack, it draws you in, as a diamond blanket of the night sky envelops you. It’s a beautiful instrumental piece that swirls around the heart with tones and notes of love, sadness, connection, and wishes for all to be in balance – at least that’s what I feel when I listen.

Anilah – “Medicine Chant”

The first time I listened to this, tears came to my eyes. You’ve probably guessed that strong rhythmic moves me. My whole body has a need to move in sync with it. I am reminded of the suffering of First Nations and Native American peoples, and yet I feel hope that humanity can come together in love – to repair our planet and honor all people. Perhaps it is music like this that will unite the world. I know I could listen to this all day.

Zack Hemsey – “The Way”

This piece is enduring. It its the kind of music that gives you the will to keep going when you feel like you can’t, to pick yourself up when you’re down, and to persevere. Because playing small means you won’t make your mark on the world. The high-pitched tone (which I think is piano) that plays repeatedly reminds me of a ticking clock. That we’re all doing our time on earth, and that life is ephemeral and to take nothing for granted.

Tom Day – “Who We Want to Be”

The comments on all these videos give me hope for humanity. For real. But there’s one that struck me when I read one comment for this video, “We work in the darkness, but serve the light.” That describes this soundtrack perfectly. It’s another message of be the change, be the light. It reminds me to take heed. I’m not sure what the branding of “suicide sheep” means, but it plays no role in the song.

Simply Three – “Rain”

When I first started listening to this, I sort of thought, ah, it’s standard instrumental. But it really develops. The instrumentation is well-orchestrated. Cellos, violins, bass all combine to produce a moving piece. It’s “cleansing,” too, because the theme is rain. I smile at the thought that my soul is a more purified for having listened.

Other updates

I taught a group meditation class at a conference last week. I’m so thrilled to begin my meditation teaching career.

For the last year, I have been in meditation teaching training, I recently joined Toastmasters to get better at public speaking, and am working with a mentor and coach to help me as I start the business of teaching meditation.

To that end, I have been mindfully working behind the scenes to create more opt-ins, videos, and even an upcoming course! The idea is to launch in January 2019. I will then have more time to work on sending higher quality emails to you, guided meditations, and I’m figuring out the best modality to get those to you.

It might be live videos, or it might be a podcast!

However, I heard you loud and clear: you want guided meditations and more tips on meditation itself. Stay tuned.

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