Increased sensitivity

Though I’m often labeled as an idealist, I also like to take a pragmatic approach toward meditation – to look at the good side, the bad, and everything between. I love talking about all the aspects of my meditation and spiritual journey in the hope that it might help others.

Today’s topic? Feeling a sense of increased sensitivity.

Meditation vitamins

Let me start out by saying that meditation should be treated like a vitamin. It’s not a cure-all, but it is a great daily supplement to enhance well-being and overall life satisfaction.

Meditation, as a practice, is widely recognized to increase awareness. You get in touch with yourself. You get better at empathizing with others. There are numerous health benefits. There are also plenty of emotional and mental benefits to boot.

And, y’all, I’m on a journey of awakening. I’m just being real here.

Increased awareness

While getting in touch with your awareness – what you think, what you feel, more connection, living in the moment – it’s also worthwhile to mention that this results in increased sensitivity.

I’m already highly sensitive and empathic. I have been throughout my life, though I didn’t know this until I was a fully-fledged adult. I sense the energy in a room, and I sense people’s moods.

In recent months, I am sensing increased emotions within myself. Some of it is the political climate in which I bear witness to in the US. I think about the plight of immigrant children. The suffering of the downtrodden.

I seem to be feeling the emotions of others around me, and those that arise within me, to a higher degree.

This awareness of emotion is common when you meditate a lot.

increased sensitivity

Negative emotions

I am not as easily able to shake negative emotions. When someone is negative around me, I have noticed that I don’t recover to my normal, more “bubbly” state as quite as easily, at least lately.

Recently, I know I should have stopped a negative conversation from continuing. But, I let the person vent. Days later, I still feel weird, sad, anxious, and even guilt-ridden.

I know now that I must stop these kinds of conversations from happening in the first place. I just wanted to be “a friend” and let this person say their peace. But I had no idea how much it would disturb my own peace.

Life is too short for my own well-being to be off-kilter for days like that.


A meditation practice will create a sense of connectedness.

I feel more connected to those around me. I am developing a true sense of empathy for all  beings – even the “bad” people out there. They’re just people.

They’re people who might have made a bad decision in the past. Or perhaps they had a terrible childhood. Maybe they have a terrible chemical imbalance. Still, they might be suffering from a health ailment. Who knows? Insecure and hurting people tend to do irrational things.

These things go through my mind now at the moment I might feel a need to vent about someone. And I might even be justified in feeling like I was wronged! Still, even just talking about anyone in a negative light – even the 45th president of the US – makes me feel terrible.

And I don’t get over it for days. DAYS!

The good, the bad and…the awesome!

The fact that I sometimes can’t let emotions go, especially negative ones, is interesting. Is that good? Bad?

It depends on your perspective.

Not talking about people or disparaging them can sure help create a more peaceful planet. That is good.

Feeling terrible and out of balance after even witnessing a negative conversation? Bad for me and for those who are putting out or absorbing that negative energy. It keeps me more honest, though. I’m also more willing to stop bad things from happening in the future.

What’s awesome is that I understand that feeling the full range of emotions allows me to acutely see the consequences of my actions. It allows me to experience the fullness of life. To be present. Here and now.

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Giving to others makes me deliriously happy. Smiling. Sending out good vibes. I need to do these as much as possible. Harboring anger or resentment cannot stay in my sensitive heart for long. Feeling like I’m in a depressed mood? I have a need to get back to the light as soon as I can.

increased sensitivity

How to handle it

I sometimes forget about all the tools at my disposal to navigate these emotions:

  • getting out in nature
  • meditating on a protective aura of light surrounding me
  • smoke-cleansing (smudging)
  • deep breathing
  • loving-kindness meditation

Getting out in nature

The last week I was feeling a bit of leftover negative energy as a result of encountering an acquaintance. Then I worked on the computer all day. Late in the afternoon I still had work to do, but I decided to shut down my computer and head for the woods.

For nearly an hour, I did some trail running. I left there feeling euphoric, connected to the earth, and ecstatic. I was ready to face life once again.

White light

Meditating on all my chakras and creating white light all around me – and this can be in the last few minutes of regular daily meditation. It’s a wonderful way to have negative energy bounce off of me and not come through me leaving a messy trail of despair behind.

Smoke cleansing

Using sage to banish negative energy and sweet grass to bring in positive energy is another of my favorite things to do.

Deep breathing

Deep breathing – counting breaths, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth – is another powerful way to calm my soul.


One of my favorite kinds of meditation is loving-kindness. (If you don’t know a lot about that, or would like to know more, or even have me write a guided meditation on that, let me know in the comments.)

I have found that to be so powerful. You send positive thoughts to your closest relatives, to neutral people, and to ones that you have conflicts with. People around you can’t help but absorb your positive energy. 

Having increased emotions and sensitivity is a good thing. It really means that you’re on a path to becoming your highest self.

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