Sharing My Values as a Meditation Teacher

One of my last tasks before I finished my portfolio was to write my credo and to write about the things I value as a meditation teacher. My credo will soon be on the About Me page of the website. My values, however, I wanted to share here with you.

I sigh in a deep, grateful breath. I have finished the coursework portion of my studies. What’s left is a 50-hour retreat to meditate, do yoga, and learn how to build my meditation teaching business in Sedona, AZ in late July and early August.

Choosing the words that emulate my values

As I created this list, I looked to several sources on the internet for words and ideas for “values.” I came across hundreds of them. I poured over each word, silently letting my heart decide if I should include it or not. When it felt good, I did so. From hundreds of words, I narrowed them down to fourteen. These fourteen words capture what I believe and what I hold close to my heart – they are my values in life, as well as my values as a meditation teacher.












Meaningful Work



Cheerfulness and Love

In every interaction with another human that I have, I strive to emulate cheerfulness (because I don’t want to be the person that brings someone else down) and humility. I smile, I laugh, and even when I’m not in a great mood, I still make myself smile to improve my mood. I do my best to send out love to all the people I meet (I try, but sometimes with challenging people I don’t always remember to do that).

I consider myself to be a self-actualizing individual and rarely take the road more frequently traveled. Click To Tweet

Self-Actualization, Autonomy, and Spirituality

I consider myself to be a self-actualizing individual and rarely take the road more frequently traveled. The road less traveled is where I cultivate my autonomy and spirituality. Perhaps along the way, I’ll collect a bit of wisdom that I can share with the world.


With valuing creativity, I employ my skills as an artist (a painter), as someone who loves to draw, and who loves to write. But this value carries over to things like creating unique gifts for people or baking something for a potluck. I also love coming up with innovative ideas for the work that I do, my house, my garden and more.


Compassion: the value that keeps me from swatting a fly or eating animal flesh. It’s the value that has had me crying every day in the past week as I feel – deeply – for the humanitarian crisis at the southern US border. Perhaps my own Latin American heritage is at play here. I can empathize with the plight of a refugee.

It is also compassion that I feel when I no longer berate or hate on myself for not succeeding on some task. In fact, it has been quite awhile since having those kinds of thoughts. It is compassion that allows me to humanize my enemies – I can send them blessings even though at one point they may have hurt me deeply.

my values as a meditation teacher


Finding the balance is something else I highly value, though I’m not always great about balancing work and leisure time. I work part time out of my house (at least right now until I get my meditation teaching in full swing) to give me the time to do more work that I love to do. I often do not leave myself enough time to “just be” on most days. But it is something I will intentionally bring into my life more and more.

Meaningful Work and Determination

Finding meaningful work in all that I do (and using mindful living exercises to enhance these experiences) is important to me and I often do not feel like I am “working.” This website allows me to explore all aspects of meditation and my own spirituality within a community.

I’m often aware of how it might be hours since I took a break during the course of a day. Knowing that I actually need to put my work down sometimes to do other body-balancing activities doesn’t mean that I automatically will. I suppose I end up working and pushing myself because of an innate determination I have to succeed at the things on which I put my focus.


I have a natural orientation towards the future: when I think of my dreams and ideas, I have learned to temper “living in the future” with being more present in my daily life. But this “visionary” tendency does serve me well: it allows me to strive to become the best version of myself. It allows me to keep going when I have wanted to quit. Quitting is not an option, though. I have stepped through the proverbial door of self-evolution and know there’s no turning back. Even if I wanted to, the door is sealed shut and I have no choice but to move forward on this journey.

values as a meditation teacher


I value fortitude when I see it in others and smile when I discover it in myself. This is one value I have always found a bit elusive. I know I am strong. I know I have it within me to be more – to be a pillar. If I am a wooden statue now, because of my life experiences, I know that I have the potential to turn into a marble sculpture, capable of weathering all of life’s storms and blows, and yet welcoming the warm light that shines on my face – with nary a scar or mark. As a wooden statue, I am still vulnerable to taking things personally, or getting scarred by other painful experiences. I see evidence, however, of marble replacing the wood as I continue on my life’s journey.

What are YOUR values?

I’ve shared my values that I hold dear – in life, and my values as a meditation teacher. What are yours? Or, what are your top three things? I would love to know because we all value different things. It’s fun to see what others feel are their most important values.

*As a last note, thank you for your patience as I work on comments and catching back up a bit. With finishing the coursework and scheduling in a 24-hour retreat, and an energy healing class, I was not able to share a blog post last week. However, you knew this if you were on the mailing list. 🙂 You can sign up for that below.

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