Mandala Meditation & Thoughts on Success

I have come to believe that success is not a straight road. Sometimes meditating with a mandala can help with that, but more on that in a minute.

It’s more like something that goes up a hill, has switchbacks, moments where you can relish the view, and other moments where it feels like torrential blizzards will blow you back down toward the starting point.

Who has not experienced the triumphs and failures of trying to achieve a goal?

I certainly have those feelings, too: those times when we put in lots of hard work in the hopes of attaining some goal or intention.

Then life happens. We wonder if it’s all worth it. All the hard work. All the pain.

But you know, the funny thing about success is that moment when you have persevered and persisted for so long, it’s like the universe finally says, “You have paid your dues. You have done your time. Now you deserve to bask in the limelight of your intention.”

And maybe – just maybe – the uphill road with all its switchbacks and views and storms is success. Perhaps that road is just where you needed to be.

I think of all those athletes who competed in the 2018 Olympics recently. For years they trained, for hours a day, and success was not guaranteed – if they defined success as winning a gold medal. I know, it’s all a bit arbitrary.

I watched as one snowboarder made it all the way as a finalist for her country only to crash and sustain an injury at the end of her halfpipe run. She had to be carried off by EMTs.

Success: Not Guaranteed

Success is not guaranteed.



You gain so much for trying: skills, confidence, knowledge. You learn what it is to persist and keep going, despite long odds. Your heart gets bolder and your skin gets thicker.

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

-Norman Vincent Peale

I know that quote above is a bit cliche. But its words are as true now as when Norman Vincent Peale first uttered them.

Perhaps you’re a blogger. There’s fierce competition out there: so much information and so many people competing for views, and people to read/watch/listen to whatever it is you want the world to know.

Honestly, the odds are not that great for a blogger starting out to acquire millions of viewers and make six figures a year. If that’s the intention, anyways.

Learning Other Skills

For the majority of us who won’t do that – or don’t aspire to do that – we learn so many skills along the way: how to market ourselves, how to work a website, how to analyze keywords, perhaps how to make videos or podcasts, how to curate photos and build community.

I have secured jobs – outside of the educational degrees I’ve pursued in other subjects – because of these skills I acquired as a blogger. Is that a success? YES!

Those olympians who never got to compete at the highest level? They now have skills that most of the world’s population does not: the expert knowledge of their sport that automatically qualifies them at the most extreme level. Once there, they can easily become a coach, write a book, teach, create videos, or use their leadership skills in any number of other avenues.

They are successful, by most definitions of the term.

Even if a person doesn’t have millions of followers, views, is an executive, or -insert success goal here- skill acquisition is still a success. Having taken the uphill road is a success.

The bottom line? If you have a dream, it’s worth it to go for it. You might not get to where you think you’re going, but you sure will have an adventure in the mean time.

success meditation mandalas

Success Meditation With Mandalas

With that, I created a mandala with the word, “success,” in my mind. To inspire you to keep going on your journey – whatever that may be.

When I create these mandalas, I start out with a compass and a ruler to create guiding lines, but I let my intuition guide me. I don’t know what the end result will look like. Going by experience and how I feel, I freehand draw these, incorporating any mistakes into the overall design. The word or words I’d like to focus on stay in my mind as I create lines, shapes and spaces.

After I complete the drawing portion, I decide what colors I might use.

For this “Success Mandala” I chose wavy lines and vibrant colors with a mix of warm and cooler colors that I associate with success.

I’ve used those professional artist markers before, but I always come back to those Sharpie markers. I love the colors, their brilliance, and their affordability.

Before you watch the video, I invite you to read the guided meditation below so that you get maximum benefit as you watch.

Using the Success Mandala For Meditation

As you watch the video, sit either in standard meditation pose, or in a chair with your feet flat on the floor.

Begin by taking deep breaths. Clear your mind as best as you can, except for the word “success.”

Continue to breathe in and out, but as you do so, keep the word, “success,” in your mind.

Envision what you would like to have happen in your life. Everyone’s definition of success is a bit different. Allow yourself to define and contemplate what this looks like for you.

As you continue to watch the mandala develop, keep focusing on success, or the vision of where you’d like to see yourself as you achieve your goals and intentions.

Let the music fill you and inspire you. If you prefer silence, just turn the volume down.

The mandala develops from a little dot to a completed whole. It can serve as a metaphor for success: repeated tasks over and over lead to results.

If you like, watch the video each day for 4-6 weeks and see what kind of results you get.

At the end of the video, if you’d like, you can pause and meditate on the completed mandala.

Other Mandala Meditations:

If you liked the mandala on success, I’ve created other related mandala meditations recently:

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I recently created this for a couple who was going through some changes in their lives and after I finished, I gave it to the two of them as a gift.

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A Mandala For Good Luck

If you have an upcoming presentation, project, text, exam, or some other challenge, you can watch this “good luck” mandala to meditate and infuse your journey with a bit of lucky energy.

I hope you enjoyed these mandalas and meditations. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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