Drawing Mandalas

Friends, I have found another love: drawing and creating mandalas.

They’re meditative to create, and they’re meditative to watch as someone creates them. I had been mesmerized before when I’ve seen videos with people creating time-lapse renditions of their artwork.

I decided to try my hand at doing the same. For the past several weeks, I’ve started setting aside one day a week to draw and create a mandala while I record myself doing so.

I don’t have a plan when I start. I just begin with my compass and a ruler to create some guiding lines. Then I get my Sharpies and depending on how much detail I’m working on, I select the thickness. To draw the generic part of the mandala, I use the ultra fine point markers. For fine detail, I have a Sharpie pen. For larger areas, I use the fine point markers. But otherwise, I let intuition and experience guide me. It is a labor of love while also trusting that the outcome will be all right.

I used to get those more expensive artist quality markers. But I found that they ran out of ink more quickly and didn’t go on as “thickly” as Sharpie markers. The drawback is that Sharpies are susceptible to fading over time. But well…bold lines or fading later on?

In a way, the fading of my artwork reminds me that life - and all things - are ephemeral. Click To Tweet

That is, nothing lasts that long. Sure, the stars exist for eons when compared to a human timeline, but everything is born, lives, and eventually fades away….

The key is to appreciate the present.

When I draw these mandalas, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Sure, I might have the television on or some music on in the background. Sometimes it’s completely silent. But it doesn’t matter: I’m making a circle and that circle compels me to look within: to find balance, and to be in the moment with my creating.

The predominant feeling I get while I’m drawing is what compels me to name the mandalas the way I do. In the video below, “Happiness” is full of bright, vibrant colors and I was just content to create something that I hope would bring others some measure of joy.

The “Tranquility” mandala below reminded me of the peace I felt as I created.

The “Jeweled Bliss” idea came from the colors I used, and the contentment I felt in the moment while I created this.

For me, playing back the videos with the calm meditative music also becomes a meditation.

I invite you to meditate on one (or all three). If you’re wanting a little happiness in your day, take some breaths and smile at the Happiness mandala. If you’re craving a little more peace in your life, then watch “Tranquility” and if you’re seeking a bit of peaceful contentment, then check out “Jeweled Bliss.”

For now, I will create one per week. It takes anywhere from 4 to 6 hours to create these mandalas in real time. Then it takes another 2 hours or so to edit the video, and get it ready for export.

Eventually, I may incorporate other videos to go along with my other posts, but for now, these mandalas are calling my name. As of this writing, I am getting ready to create another mandala. I already have a theme and name in mind, but you’ll have to wait until next month to find out what it is…OR, you can go over to my YouTube channel and find out later this week. (And while you’re there, could you do me a favor? Will you click the “subscribe” button?)

Until next week, my friends. Enjoy!



“Jeweled Bliss”

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