I was contemplating what sort of post (and if, in fact, I would do a flash fiction inspirational post this week in favor of some other inspirational/contemplative idea) to do this week when the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine” popped into my head.

It led to a story that is about 935 words and hopefully will supply some food for thought.

John Lennon

world peace story

John Lennon. He was assassinated a year after I was born. I have always had an admiration for him. Perhaps it’s because “he’s a dreamer” and just wanted some peace in this world.

I’ll be honest: part of why I meditate so much is because I so often feel and wear the emotions of the world, my community, those around me, and those closest to me. I had an encounter with someone recently that I’ve known for years and it did not go well.

Days after the fact, I still felt the emotion of that encounter. Interactions – especially negative ones – affect me deeply: they affect my sleep, my thoughts, my waking life, my thoughts, and even the things I create.

It’s written into my DNA to be sensitive, to want a peaceful world, to shy away from conflict at all costs. Honestly, I go through the world rather wounded and occasionally wonder just how this “blessed curse” can have any positives. Perhaps I am a “delicate snowflake.” You know what? I own that. I crave, need, want, expect, hope, and embrace peace in the world.

Before I start the story that Mr. Lennon’s line “imagine there’s no countries” inspired, I want to share his “Imagine” video – it’s such a perfect reflection of my worldview and thoughts about life:

Imagine There’s No Countries – A Flash Fiction Story

The ambassador sat in the back of her stretched limo. She had protested against riding in a motorcade to the museum, but country leaders had insisted, citing heightened security alerts. There were probably ten cars in all, with hers right in the middle. It was virtually indestructible.

She wasn’t sure if an entire motorcade helped or hindered traffic, but given that she was at a standstill in a sea of cars, her anxiety began to grow. They were still over a mile away. People honked and gestured from their cars. No one could move.

The Meeting of All Nations would begin in 30 minutes, but Mabryn was the one who had been the force behind making it all happen. Years of talks. Years of negotiations. Her tireless efforts had convinced the world leaders of 194 countries to effectively dissolve their borders. There was just one more: the one country with a military and armament budget that exceeded the next ten countries combined.

Finally, under pressure from all other world leaders, the last country agreed to sign the historic peace treaty, on two conditions: that the leaders of all nations convene at the National Building Museum and that each former country remain a sovereign state while becoming part of the Global Federation of Nations.

The ambassador glanced around. She’d worn her signature attire: a glimmering shawl over a faux suede purple pantsuit. Purple was her lucky color. She wondered whether it would be smarter to abandon her motorcade and to walk the last mile, or just to wait.

“I’m getting out. We don’t have time for this,” Mabryn announced.

“But Ma’am,” the driver protested. She was already out the door running across the street, into a patch of mulch and grass at a small park. Her security entourage tried to call her back, but this meeting was too important. It meant a path to world peace.

She could see the museum in the distance and almost welcomed having to run this last stretch to get there. She’d learned to control her nerves long ago, but this would help dissipate any pent-up energy that might arise before she got there.

She passed old historic buildings and increasing traffic congestion. A quick glance behind revealed a group of well-suited men and women running on foot to keep pace with her: the security detail.

She arrived at a busy intersection with hundreds of cars waiting to turn, merge, or otherwise speed through. She smelled exhaust and sighed. Perhaps her next great feat would be to convince world leaders that driverless solar cars would ignite a surging, but balanced economy.

The pedestrian walk button signaled that it was time to cross. Almost there. Just a half mile to go. Before reaching the other side, she looked to her right at the stopped traffic. Before she understood why, instinct took over and she started running. A rogue car she hadn’t seen when she’d started to cross veered in her direction.

She picked up her pace, losing a shoe in the process. With about ten feet left before she got to the sidewalk, she leapt, hoping the vehicle wouldn’t have time to compensate. She felt the wind of the car at her feet. She sailed through the air, then landed along the gritty walkway. She rolled a few times. Everything went black.

The next thing she saw was the driver of her car holding her head. “Ma’am, are you all right?”

Mabryn nodded and blinked until her vision grew clear. “Help me get up.”

“Let our medic take a look at you. I think you should lie still.”

Mabryn looked at her watch. “That meeting starts in 15 minutes and I intend to be there. Do I make myself clear?”

Mabryn stood up with the assistance of her driver. All the others in her security detail arrived then. “Ma’am, this is why we wanted–”

“Save it.” Mabryn held her hand up. Looking at their shocked faces she smiled at them. “Do you want world peace or not?” They all stood motionless. “Well? Are you going to help me get to the museum or do I need to try to find a cape so I can finish flying over there?”

They all surrounded the ambassador as she continued her trek to the museum, with one of them putting Mabryn’s arm around his shoulders so she wouldn’t have to limp too badly without her left shoe.

A few minutes later, she found herself exactly in the middle of a long negotiation table in a grand meeting room. She addressed the delegation.

“Forgive my appearance. Just as people throughout history have met change with resistance, today is no different. But that was not going to stop me from being here in this historic moment. Today is the day that our world history changes forever. The first day when all nations set aside their country borders and agree to become a Global Federation of Nations. No longer are we separate countries trying to compete and survive, but from this moment forward we are all part of a world government with a common currency, and a common legal system. Now, we will witness equality for all, that honors individual cultures, diversity, and all people. No longer will some countries have so few resources that they struggle to survive but will be able to freely share and receive what is needed – with all. Everyone stands to benefit from the innovation, cooperation, and progress this treaty sets in motion. We will have a world that has a vested interest in not only surviving, but thriving as one human race.”

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