Inspirational Haikus

For the past 8 months or so, I have been writing haikus each morning and posting them over on my Twitter feed. I’m not entirely sure what exactly made me start doing this, but I can say that I honestly just love sharing uplifting, good things in a world that sometimes seems so challenging, divided and dark.

When I write these haikus, it’s often right after my morning meditation. Most of the time, the haikus just “come” to me: I write them as a reflection of what I might be feeling in the moment that I write them. Other times, I look at inspirational quotes or articles, or even images and I’ll feel something come to mind.

In their creation, however, I hope that others find them useful and/or inspirational, as well.

My 20 Favorite Inspirational Haikus

Below, I have compiled 20 of the most loved haikus that other folks on Twitter have retweeted. I figure if they’re liking them, that the folks here on the website would like to see some, too.

If you want to get your daily dose of inspirational haikus, I have amassed quite a collection of them. I generally tweet out about 50 of them per day! (Yes, in full disclosure, I do schedule them. I have over 200 that I have created and rotate them from day to day, always adding at least one.) I also tweet about inspirational articles, people, photos, and related content over there.

I’ve created these images with a Creative Commons license (and I’m so grateful to all the photographers and graphic designers out there who have allowed the rest of us to use them!) from and

I’m thrilled about these haikus. I am working on a coloring book of mandalas, but I’m also looking for ways to incorporate more haikus into a book. I’ve also got other things in the works regarding these haikus. As I get closer to finishing those projects, I’ll let you know what I’ve been up to.

If you enjoyed these, I have another post like it: 20 More Haikus to Inspire You.

mindful morning


open mind


sending out love


opportunities haiku


great rewards haiku


balance haiku


thinking process haiku


seize the day haiku


find the answers haiku


live life haiku


universe speaks haiku


everything works out haiku


watch a sunset haiku


boldly stand tall haiku


universe haiku


stronger haiku


meditation practice haiku


sky's the limit haiku


i will go on haiku

take action haiku

More Haikus

If you liked these, check out 20 More Haikus to Inspire You. It’s another compilation of some of my most-loved haikus.

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