Friends, I wrote this story sometime in November, I believe. It is around 900 words and fits the criteria for a flash fiction story,

I hope you find it inspiring and thought-provoking. It deals with listening to our instincts, meditation, and more.


I got out of the shower. I sometimes took too long, but the water always warmed me up, especially on cold winter days. The bathroom was humid and the mirror had a layer of steam on it.

As I toweled off I looked in the mirror. My image was heavily distorted due to the steam, but I could swear that my eyes looked like they were swirling orbs of black and white. A separate purple light the size of a dime appeared on my forehead.

I quickly wiped the steam off the mirror with my towel and all I saw was what I was supposed to see: my normal appearance.

purple light


I sat on my meditation cushion. I knew I was in a deep meditation because my mind was calm. Behind my closed eyelids I could see a purple light toward the center of my vision. I followed the light until I found myself in a crowd of people at a market.

I came upon an older woman who was wearing a purple flowing skirt and a top that was tie dyed in purple and blue. Her long white hair was tied in two braids on either side.

She stopped what she was doing and stared right at me. She had a purple light in the middle of her head.



I stared into the foggy mirror. Again, my eyes looked like they were swirling and I saw the same purple light.

“Hey, Stephen. Can you come here?”

I stared into the mirror until he got there, mesmerized by the light. “Look at the mirror,” I directed.

“What am I looking at?”

“You see it, too?”

“See what?”

“My eyes? The purple light?”

He looked at me. “I think you’re delusional.”

third eye


I sat for a long time on my meditation cushion again, willing myself not to think about the purple light I thought I kept seeing. But again, it seemed to burn brightly in the darkness of my mind. Giving up, I allowed my mind to go on this tangent: to explore the purple light.

I followed the light and again, I was at the same market I’d seen before. Instead of seeing the woman in purple I expected to see, I saw a little girl, maybe about three years old wander away toward the parking lot.

A large SUV approached and its speed indicated that it had not seen her tiny little body. Out of nowhere, the woman in purple scrambled toward the child and swooped her up just as the large vehicle came to a screeching halt.



A couple weeks later, I was traveling. I decided to go exploring on foot one afternoon and ended up at a pedestrian mall. I walked for nearly a mile before deciding to turn back toward my hotel. On my right was a little sign that said “market.” It was mid-summer and some fresh fruit to snack on sounded like a good idea.

I got closer to the market and the middle of my forehead started to ache. When I arrived, I realized the whole scene was familiar to me. Instinctively, I looked for the woman in purple.

I put my palm on my forehead and shook my head, hoping to lessen the pain. That was when I saw her. She was near a vegetable stand with kale, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers. She was speaking to a customer when she glanced over and saw me. I saw her do a double-take. I walked closer and could saw a purple light emanating from her forehead.

When I was in earshot she called to me.

“You’re the hero here. Look around and go.”

I looked at her not comprehending.

“GO!” she shouted.

I jumped a little. I didn’t understand. But I didn’t think I wanted to speak to this woman any longer.

I turned toward the street and there she was. The little girl. I saw a car coming and without thinking I flew over to her and pushed her out of the way. The car stopped, but not before hitting me hard enough to knock me off my feet.

It took me a moment to get over my disorientation and by then a small crowd gathered.

The police were called, but I was all right. I knew I’d have a nasty bruise on my left hip but I had saved a little girl. The driver of the car felt so terrible, I couldn’t even think about pressing charges.

After the commotion died down, I started to walk back toward my hotel. A nap and some soothing music sounded like welcome relief.

When I got toward the hotel entrance, the woman in purple stepped in the doorway so it would automatically open. I could see the purple light on her forehead and I felt an ache in the middle of mine.

“You have opened your third eye,” she said. “You listened to your instinct. You became a hero.”

She smiled, but said nothing else and turned to leave. “Wait!” I called after her.

She looked back for a moment and said, “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

She rounded the corner of a hallway. I tried to run after her, but she was gone.


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