As you may know, I’m creating a mandala once a month to give away.

mandala give away

“Spreading Joy” mandala

Last month, I created the “Spreading Joy” mandala. Yesterday afternoon, as I completed the “Cultivating Peace” mandala, I compiled my email list, as well as my WordPress subscriber list to draw three names.

When I compiled the lists for the drawing, I took out the names of the folks who live outside of the US (that I know of).

I entered names, confidentially, at (click on the link and you can see the results) and had the system select 3 winners.

The results are in!

Drumroll please….




The winner of the “Spreading Joy” Mandala is

Martie Coetser Pozyn!


Now, if for some reason, Martie can’t accept the mandala (I’m not sure if she lives in the US, for example), the runner up winners were “K” and “Katherine.” I will contact those folks in that order.


giveaway results

A screenshot of the drawing results


Cultivating Peace

Recently it snowed where I live. When I would look out the window, I felt a sense of peace and beauty as I regarded the white precipitation falling soundlessly on the landscape.

I knew I wanted to create a mandala reminiscent of the peace that I felt. Words like snowflakes, iridescence, opal, and glitter came to mind.

I knew I wanted the background for this piece to be either purple or blue – to symbolize the more frigid weather. I painted the canvas with two coats of lilac purple acrylic paint.

But I also wanted contrast. For this mandala, I selected my black Sharpie markers for drawing it in.

Before I could use the Sharpies, I drew in the basics of the design with pencil. I blocked in most of the shapes, but I did not include any detail.


After drawing in the basic shape with a regular Sharpie marker, I went over the design with an oil-based Sharpie paint marker. Later, I filled the details in with a regular fine point marker.

I created a time-lapse video as I drew the mandala:

The Next Giveaway

Next month, I’ll do another giveaway and announce the winner in my January 15th post. In the meantime, please share this post so that those who might want/need a mandala symbolizing peace, hope, love, joy, or some other virtue can benefit. 🙂

Giveaway Guidelines

  • The winner needs to be a resident of the continental US due to international shipping charges
  • All subscribers (via email and WordPress) will be included in the drawing
  • I will ship the mandala to you within a week of contacting and confirming the winner

Cultivating Peace Info

Date created: December 2017


Mixed media (acrylic, Sharpie and oil-based paint marker) on canvas

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