Happy Monday to everyone!

Have I got a story for you:

On Friday, I purchased something called an SSL certificate to upgrade the security for my website. Little did I know, it would require 24-48 hours to propagate around the world – meaning my website would have to be down for the weekend.

But, my intuition was telling me that something was wrong. I contacted my host after 24 hours and they told me to just wait.

An exercise in patience, especially since my posts go out on Mondays, right?

After 48 hours, I contacted my host again. I knew I might be perceived as “being a pest” but I had this feeling, you know?

It turns out there was a WHOLE OTHER step in getting my website back online: defining a new IP address within my domain registrar. Ha, what they don’t tell you in “website school” – not that I’ve ever been to “website school” but I can say I’ve gotten quite the education on creating and managing websites.

Whew. It pays to listen to your intuition.

The website’s up and running just in time to announce TWO giveaways.

A Mandala Giveaway

Last weekend, I completed a mandala painting. I had intended it to be part of the October LIFE Project: it’s a month where I’m looking to build community and “give something to everyone I meet,” as much as I can.

This is one way I’m doing that.

It took about 16 hours to complete from start to finish.

I first painted the background, and then lightly created concentric circles with a pencil.

Then, I used both water-based and oil-based white Sharpie markers to create the mandala on the canvas.

The canvas is 12″ x 12″ and is considered to be “mixed media.”

I named it “Tranquility” to invoke a sense of peace to anyone who possesses this mandala.

I would also like to give it away.

mandala painting

How The Giveaway Will Work

  1. ALL subscribers to the website (via email, not WordPress) will be eligible to win.
  2. Drawing will be held on Friday, November 3 at 5:00p EST using the website, random.org (basically I confidentially upload email addresses and random.org picks a winner. It will never reveal any email addresses to the public, but provides transparency in that individuals can go to the website, enter THEIR OWN email address and see if they were entered into the giveaway and how many winners there were).
  3. I will contact you via my email (look for an email containing my name and “mandala” in the subject title) to get mailing address information and I’ll send the painting to you!

Other things to know:

  • The winner of the painting must reside within the continental United States due to customs and shipping fees to other countries.
  • Anyone who signs up to the website between now and November 3rd will be eligible.
  • A valid email address is necessary.

Tree of Life: A Personal Development Journal Giveaway

tree of life journal


Back at the end of August when I released this beautiful journal, I didn’t schedule a big launch over on the I & S Facebook page like I did with the coloring book.

It was partly because I wanted to do a “soft release.” Essentially, I wanted to launch this differently than the coloring book to see how a different approach worked.

Both approaches have their merits and I’ve learned a lot.

But in the spirit of giving, knowing that the season of giving will soon be upon us, I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway. It’s also another manifestation of the LIFE Project.

This giveaway is different than with the mandala.

I will be going through Amazon – you can check it out HERE.

I’m giving away 10 journals, with shipping included.

You enter over at Amazon, but you need to have an Amazon account, as well as a Twitter account to do so.

This giveaway is for one week only, so head over and if you’d like a free copy, go have a look-see. It will expire on October 29, at midnight PDT.

Again, this is for folks in the continental US (sorry overseas folks – I’m sending you love, too!).

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and here’s to spreading messages of love and mindfulness!

intuitive and spiritual

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