It’s been awhile since I wrote a poem and I’ve been needing to get into a groove of creativity: I’m feeling a need to paint or create, without a reason. Without it being a means to an end.

The world we live in today has shown us that we humans have greatly impacted the planet.

I promise this isn’t a “doom and gloom” poem. It’s ultimately about love and turning ourselves toward it. I felt compelled to speak to the hurricanes, the people affected, and my own heart hurts for everything to be better and all right.

It’s a stream-of-consciousness, free-verse poem. I wrote it over a period of a couple days, when I felt meditative and centered.

I hope you enjoy.


Mother Earth Speaks To Us

I sit here in my little home in the mountains, sitting solidly and safely upon a hill…

Contemplating that world out there.

Not one, not two, but three hurricanes out at sea, hundreds of miles from where I sit.

Yet bands of wind and a clouded sky remind me to be mindful of those who are far, but not so far away.

I take a deep breath.

I breathe in the thoughts, hopes, fears, and feelings of all the souls who will bear witness to Mother Nature’s whipping.

I breathe out my own version of trying to help: tonglen.

My own version of sending light, love, and hope to the despairing.

The George Carlins of the world, and the Al Gores have often spoken of the careless way that we tend to the planet.

Native American Indian chiefs who have warned us time and time again that we live in a web, and what we do to the web, we do to ourselves..

And Mother Nature herself, chastising us for being careless….

Collective wisdom silently reminds me that we humans have come far, but our journey is still young.

There is time to repair the web.

There is time to make Mr. Carlin and Mr. Gore moot.

The voice of wisdom imprinted on all our DNA: if we are to survive, we must turn in and listen.

The voice inside that is constant and silent.

It’s at once still and steadily ripples, repeating over and over: you must LOVE! 


Can you hear it?

Like Father Time, the voice has always existed.

It’s connected to the vibration of not only Father Time, but also Mother Earth.

To Sister Moon and Brother Sun.

To the dust in the stars and the dirt at my feet:

A higher energy, a higher power, a higher plane.

We know what it says.

Our LOUD lives make it easy to ignore.

We know the answers,

But on purpose we keep them secret. Shhh.

The answers aren’t easy to hear.

For they mean that we must act, and remove ourselves from our creature comforts–

To comfort other creature people, and tree people, and rock people, and water people….

It’s also a secret to those who do not honor the feminine and masculine balanced as one.

But those of us who know how to listen? The answers are there.

And they whisper in my ear.

Getting louder and louder and LOUDER.

Until I hear a chorus of awakened souls.

They sing in synchronous harmony.

They speak only in tangents and sines of love.

The chorus melody sings refrains of peacemaking and honor.

Waves that vibrate in defiance of fear.

Waves that touch our DNA at higher rates.

And change the landscape upon which we exist.

I think of those three hurricanes, with their powerful megatons of energy.

They have supernatural power.

To shake us off our feet.

But will we listen?

Will we heed the energetic signs, connected and connected over and over again?

Will we bow in reverence or build a bigger machine in defiance?

Mother Nature says look in and listen.

Father Time says we can exist in another dimension.

Brother Sun and Sister Moon collectively play in the sky, but still they wonder:

Will the humans balance their energies and honor the stardust from which they come?

They show us how to synchronize to a wavelength of love.

We just need to do it.




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