You all. You all lovely souls out there. Oh, I could just hug every one of you. And infuse you with love. So much love.

I had planned another post this week, but as events unfolded, I knew that I had to share. For all those who are skeptical about the Law of Synchronicity.

The name of this law was coined by Dr. Carl Jung. He said it was, “temporally coincident occurrences of acausal events.”  It’s exciting when you recognize this happening.

You may know that I have been “unemployed” since mid-June. It was kind of by choice, and kind of not. And for me, “unemployed” was actually me getting ready to publish my Tree of Life Journal, working on a “practice” novel in July, and moving forward with the LIFE project.

You see, from 2015-2017 I had been working with a program to give disadvantaged kiddos a leg up. They so need it and so deserve a leg up to give them the best shot at success in life.

But our funding ran out. We tried everything. But it just wasn’t in the cards, you know?

With the end of our funding stream, came the end of my job. I took this as a sign (yes, I read the signs – there are signs everywhere).

synchronous events

I took it to mean that since I had started this work of mindfulness, meditation, and filling myself with love, that the time was now that I should and could give it to the world. I’d use my gifts of language, creativity, personal development, writing – all of it.

Wouldn’t you know, there were jobs that came along. There was a university job. There was an elementary teaching job. There was a community center job. There was a job to care for an elder in my town.

I started the application process for some of them. Some of them, I could have probably had them with a phone call.

But there was always something that kept me from following through.

And sure, I won’t deny that there was a little fear every time I passed something up.

But, I’m living life with intention, you see. None of these jobs seemed to align that well with my need to fulfill my LIFE project, or they were places where I wouldn’t really be able to use my gifts, or I would get a feeling that it wasn’t right.

Now, I still need an income. We all need income. I aim to create passive income, yes, but I still need an active income, too.

It was looking like I was going to substitute teach. I have a lot of educational experience, and I like helping people. I would be able to use some of my gifts and not be tied down.

These two things were key: I needed to use my gifts and not feel tied down. I have gotten to know myself really well with all the personal work I’ve been doing and I have learned that these two things are of high importance to me.

I need to feel free, but I need to use my gifts the best way I know how, and still make a difference.

Synchronicity Works in Wonderful Ways

Not once did I give into my fear. I was able to stave that off by believing everything would be all right.

I wasn’t sure what exactly I was waiting for, but I knew something would work out. I kept up with my affirmations and mantras (and lawd, these must always be a part of my life) as well as meditation.

This is all very intentional.

Monday in early August, a friend emailed me. “I hear you are not working and I need help. Can you help with our after school program?”

This was it. “Sure,” I said. But I told my friend to check in with the director of the school. The school where I used to work where mindfulness is at the heart of the curriculum.

Before I knew it, I’m in the director’s office talking about taking my old job back, but now as part of a team. I can stay part time – a mutual preference. I can work there and keep working on my own to create and meditate and be supported.

And loved.

Within three days of that email, I was now working back at my old stomping grounds: a place I hadn’t ever stopped loving. A place that I had taken with me in the two years since leaving there.

I had no idea how much I’d wanted to go back until I stepped back onto campus and felt the hugs and love of people who get it. Who are aligned with a higher vibration.

They are all mindful. And if I’m up for it, the school wants to send me to get that mindfulness certification that I have been wanting to do.

Things Just Work Out


I cannot express the gratitude I feel in words, but I’ll try.

I feel such gratitude for…

…how well this worked out.

…the love I feel.



…not giving into the fear of the unknown.

…energy at work.

I will be blogging, marketing and learning new skills for the school. I want to help them become a leader in holistic education.

In return, my cup is already filled. But the skills I’ll learn will also help me personally.

You know, they have a conference that they’re hosting and I can be a vendor to sell my coloring book, journals, and whatever else I publish.

And mindfulness. I can help so many people there with my certification in mediation teaching. And I can help so many others, too.

Oh, you all. I don’t know if you were sending me good vibes, too, but I have to thank you. Your love and support keeps me going in this work. As long as I’m able, I’m going to work for the rest of my life in this: in mindfulness, in spreading love, in standing always with love, in making the world a better place.

You know what’s funny? I found out a few months ago that we were losing funding. I went through a grieving process. I was not public about it at all. It hurt. I poured my heart and soul and everything I had into cultivating a safe after school place for students who really needed it.

I mourned its loss.

But I always knew there was something greater than I was at work. My gifts and intentions were being honed for the path I am on now.

The Law of Syncrhonicity works, y’all. You just have to step back, get still, and Listen. Just Listen.

The lessons here – at least for me – are trusting, acting when things feel right, and listening – truly listening – to your heart.


You may have gotten a newsletter from me on Friday. I’m ratcheting up my newsletters because I just want to send out more love.

And there will be a freebie there every week. Last week it was a flash fiction story. Next week will be something different. But every week, I’ll send out something.

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What are you waiting for? Let’s get synced (I personally like the spelling “synched” better, haha).

Sending you so much love and light.

Journal Update

Due to finding and starting my wonderful new gig last week, this has necessarily made me push back the launch date of my Tree of Life Journal.

It’s forthcoming. I just don’t have a target date.

But…here’s a little preview of a few of the pages:

tol journal

And a decision: I’m holding off on publishing the stories under my other pen name. I have been writing a flash fiction story a day and…I can’t wait to compile and publish those.

I hope you all have a great week!


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