As I write this post, Earth Day just passed and I spent the day hiking in the wilderness. I’d found a trail that is unmarked but well-maintained. J and I, and our dog were the only ones on that trail yesterday:

guided meditation planetary healing

Something else about this hike? The mindfulness that it brought out in me.

To be sure, the daily meditation that I’m doing as part of the LIFE Project is having a profound effect on me. (I will talk about that next week when I summarize the month of April and begin the month of Simplifying and Decluttering in May.)

Yesterday was one of those days where I felt like I was 14 again, going on one of my first really long hikes with a teacher I adored.

(Yes, I adored my science teacher from middle school and stayed in touch with her until she passed away last year.)

The wilderness felt infinite and new – and so big. Seedlings were peeking out from the moist peat leftover from the autumn leaf fall. Everything was freshly washed from recent rains and the air smelled clean and pure.

I remember feeling this way when I was young – the world was so big, and filled with possibility. The forest – a place that I have always loved – felt like it would never end and couldn’t be touched or affected by humans….

It was in the woods yesterday that I commented, “I can’t imagine how every single being on the planet cannot enjoy this: the beauty, the serenity, the balance. This is what we have to save. People who love the forest will want to save it. Therefore, more people need to fall in love with it.”

guided meditation planetary healing

It was then, the seed was born for the idea to do a guided meditation about planetary healing.

You see, one of the amazing things about meditation is that it teaches you to visualize the reality you want. Therefore, this guided meditation is based on a reality that I’m sure many of us would want…

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A guided meditation for planetary healing

Out beyond the ordinary routine of everyday reality,

There is a field, and I will take you there–

You walk to the edge of the town, and set on a path,

The earth gently crunches beneath your feet.

Shortly after walking into the dense forest,

You hear a stream. The waters bubble and flow by.

You walk until you come upon a meadow,

The foggy mist hugs the trees while you gaze at the dewy grass.

A log, perfect for sitting, parallels the stream.

The rays of sunlight beam directly onto the log, warming it with yellow beams–

And now you sit.

This is the world you imagine.

Birds happily chirp in the trees. Worms crawl by on the forest floor.

A deer silently grazes on wheatgrass and forbs, beautifully green and tender.

Butterflies graze on the nectar of purple flowers.

Bees happily buzz by looking for their favorite blue phlox or royal violet larkspur.

Fish have plenty to eat in their marine stream bed.

The rocks in the landscape have moss and tiny plants occupying their faces.

The air is pristine and fresh after a light rain.

Here, the peace is loud. Can you hear it?

It is the harmony of nature.

There is no war. There are no guns. Everything is balanced.

You breathe in.

One. Deep. Breath.

Then you breathe out.

One. Long. Breath.

You see, in the distance, an earthen home. You cannot see the people who occupy it, but it’s surrounded by gardens of native plants, with a garden of vegetables and fruits.

Instantly you understand that those people live in harmony with their environment.

They take no more than their fair share and give back all that they can to their Mother.

Give and take. Give and take. In perfect harmony.

You hear a bird you’ve never seen before.

It has landed on a branch near you. Your eyes drift up to the branch where it sits.

The first thing you notice are its eyes, gazing intently at you.

Next, it lets out a song – not of warning, but of welcome.

Because it knows your heart is pure.

This bird, with rainbow feathers, lets out the most beautiful song you have ever heard,

With pure tones of C, D, E, F and G in succession.

The music relaxes you and you can feel your heart beating more slowly.

You look back at the bird who is smiling at you in appreciation, for when you came to the forest,

You brought seeds you had collected previously, knowing it would be good for the birds.

Slowly, you get up and scatter the seeds in the meadow near you.

When you sit back down, the singing bird flies to the ground and forages for all the seeds you left.

Soon, more birds join in.

Before long, a score of birds enjoy in the delightful taste of seeds they know will nourish them and sustain long flight. Their song and chatter echo throughout the mountainside.

Around the bend, you hear a twig break and you’re aware that you’re not alone.

A light mist begins to fall, but it’s warm and cleansing.

A fellow human smiles back at you on his journey deeper into the forest. Your intuition tells you his heart is pure and is only sending out love.

In return, you send your own silent blessings carried on the vision of your smile. You reflect this love back at the other human.

Sitting back down, you smile. This forest is endless. It spans the planet.

Humans have come together, planting millions of trees. They have used their ingenuity and science to bring back animals that were on the brink of extinction.

They have brought back animals that were thought to be gone forever.

The ecosystem is in perfect balance.

You look at your clothes and smile. They wick the rain and you’re grateful for their protection.

But you’re also grateful for the communities who produced them.

Long ago, humans overcame their greed and capitalist ways, and instead looked to the artisans who could sustainably and responsibly produce clothing in harmony with the needs of the planet.

guided meditation planetary healing

You remember those dark days – and are grateful they are gone.

For now, humanity has evolved into responsible beings who take only what they need – no more food than they need, no more water or clothing than they need. They give back in equal measure using their unique skills.

Indeed, humanity has become a true world community where everyone’s strengths and skills are honored and celebrated.

Artists create work using sustainably produced paint, or recycled products from the rest of the human community.

They create beauty in which an entire community gathers to see, and consistently use those beautified spaces for gatherings and celebrations.

Everything is recycled.

Indeed, the human heart recycled itself into a beating Whole.

Every human heart beats in tandem with everyone else. For now, they are truly, without a doubt, connected on a deep level – as they always had been, but now on a deep, intuitive level where they no longer ignore their True Self.

The humans have learned to listen to their hearts and cast out rays of love. LOVE in all respects.

They have learned that the suffering of one person is the suffering of all, so they eliminated it long ago.

The world became one and where there is a surplus of food, people now send it to regions where more is needed.

Places that had an abundance of solar energy send their excess to those who need it in regions that are shaded or in darkness.

Any walls they built were torn down; the materials were recycled to create buildings and dwellings in sync with the needs of the planet.

Humans responsibly manage their population now. Many couples long ago decided they would leave a different legacy than with their own progeny, but in their dedication to saving the planet.

And it worked!

Now there is an abundance of oxygen, their carbon footprint is Net Zero, all by-products are recycled anew.

Instead of many religions, they all came together as one, in the understanding that each has their own path to Enlightenment – in one cosmic ideology, devoid of dogma and theology.

All humans, in the realization of saving the planet, have saved themselves and all who dwelt upon it.

In so doing, they evolved to a higher consciousness – one in which their hearts became pure.

In this new age, there is peace.

It is because every person now realizes that it begins within. That with enough people creating individual peace, it spreads and changes the face of the earth – forever.

Their hearts see only Truth.

This truth includes powerful love, powerful intuition, and the desire to exist in harmony with all surroundings.

Now, there is no competition.

Only cooperation.

No one person has to take more than another.

People exist to give and be of service, not expecting anything in return.

Long ago, the climate returned to its normal: the snow-capped mountains continued to exist, and the glaciers that had begun to disappear, grew and grew until they occupied their previous space.

The bleached coral reefs came back from their demise and humans took all their pollution from the sea.

The polar bears now have enough ice from the glaciers to walk out on them and catch abundant fish in the sea.

The whales still speak in their sophisticated language, celebrating their clean and beautiful aquatic home.

Humans got rid of their corporations that exploited themselves and the earth’s resources and instead, grew their local communities, utilizing local resources to build unique and vibrant, balanced neighborhoods and municipalities.

Every human touches the earth with bare feet every day. This joining of person to planet provides needed communication with the rhythms of nature to understand the needs of the planet, animals and world community at any given time.

Humans faced, embraced and acknowledged their mistakes of the past – and actively learned from them.

They became one Human Race, no longer separated by the color of skin, language, handicap, sexual orientation, gender, or religion.

They have transcended it all.

Now, every person is equal. Every person receives fair compensation for a day’s work, and every human acts with responsibility and a duty to help all who need it.

Homelessness was eliminated when they reached out and actively helped all those who had fallen on hard times and eliminated the term “scarcity” from their psyche.

Through living in higher consciousness, humans learned to overcome disease and lack. From it, they have become beacons of light in all dark places.

They treat animal people and the tree people with equal respect. They always ask permission before ever taking. They tread on the rock people only after acknowledging their gratitude for the terra firma the rocks provide. They respect the insect people and fully understand their role in the ecosystem. They respect the mountain people and respectfully rebuilt them in full apology for once having blown them up in the name of greed. They respect the water people – the streams, the rivers, the lakes and oceans – and have vowed to keep them as pristine and beautiful as they were many millennia ago.

Now, if there is ever an imbalance, humans know to correct it immediately, using their intuition and communication with each other and the planet to restore harmony.

They operate only with love. And love, they know, is the highest form of consciousness. They are forever grateful.

I hope you enjoyed that guided meditation.

Until next week, friends.

Some say that I’m a dreamer…but I’m not the only one….

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