Writing a Poem…

As I get ready for the year-long LIFE project I’m about to embark upon, I thought it would be a nice change to spend some time writing a poem.

This poem I crafted from thoughts that were milling in my heart – of learning about acceptance and accepting the things I cannot change with grace. I wrote it shortly after meditating and sipping my morning tea.

I approached this as an “intuitive” activity.

I wrote what was on my heart and mind.

Then I went back and created rhyming lines that perpetuated the meaning of the poem.

Indeed, the world always has good and bad existing simultaneously, but it’s where we focus our thoughts that everything matters.

We can focus on the darkness, or we can look to the light.


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I also have included a drawing/coloring I completed to complement this poem.

The image below is sized large enough that you can right-click and use it as wallpaper. Down below, you can enter your email to get a coloring page, and a meditation page (the colored-in version) of the Peace, Hope and Love image.

I will also send the original artwork to the first person who messages me – and I’ll smudge it before sending so that you may have peace, hope and love in your own life. ๐Ÿ™‚

peace hope and love large image

Peace, Hope, and Finding Love

In a world that seems so hostile, with crooked politicians and rising rates of poverty,

I would look into my heart for a modicum of discovery,

But instead I look to the sky,

to my relations looking down and ask why.

Do not ask this, they tell me.

It is you who needs to change, they decree.

When the sorrows of soured relationships fill your heart,

When the despair of human suffering tears you apart,

Ask notย why.

Instead, look into your mind’s eye.

Go into your soul.

Connect to the Universe, and practice self-control.

Our perceptions, our feelings, our emotions color what is.

A desired outcome, an attachment, all contribute to this –

The pretext ofย our suffering.

The great masters, for millennia, have been uttering –

You already know this.

But your heart chooses a different way to exist.

Look into your soul.

Connect to the threshold…

Connect to yourself.

In your Silent Knowing, the answers once withheld

Unveil as silent flyingย doves –

Only then will you understand that all is love.

You will understand that from the eternal infinity of before,

To the eternal infinitudeย of thenceforth,

All is perfection in its essence.

Suffering may be present,

But so is its opposite –

What must remain constant is your deliberate

Action to live in service and be euphoric.

It is then that your own suffering, anxiety and despair

Will then diminish in a prayer,

Leaving room only for the Light.

Om is a wavelength united

With the ripples of love, animated…

In perfection – of all that is sacred.

Too many are disconnected –

Their hearts profoundly affected:

Too much artificiality, too much to hold,

Too much attachment, and love for almighty gold.

It’s simplicity that matters,

It’s love that is our master,

Ignoring that power,

Will cause us to flounder.

Only a pure heart

Is free as a skylark.


I hope you enjoyed this poem. ๐Ÿ™‚

And before I close, I wanted to share that I am nearing completion of the Tree of Life coloring meditation book. I would like to send a free physical copy to my subscribers. Please contact me and let me know if you’re interested.

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