There are signs everywhere

In the past week, I’ve traveled from North Carolina to Colorado. If ever there was an activity that’s good for the soul, that would be traveling.

But what does traveling have to do with angel numbers?

Let me begin by recounting a movie: Fools rush In.

There’s a scene where there’s a priest standing in the street after nightfall. He looks at Alex (I believe it’s Alex…it might have been Isabel) and declares, “There are signs everywhere.

It’s true. There are signs everywhere.

All during my voyage – to see family, to spend a couple of fun days skiing – I kept seeing the following numbers:

11:11, 233, 33, 333, 44, and 444.

Sometimes I saw them on clocks. I saw them on my phone. I saw them when I’d randomly look at mile markers while driving. I saw them on random houses.

Incidentally, as I was looking at videos of scenes in the movie to possibly include here, the one about “believing in signs” had a timestamp of 3:33 (it says 3:33 until you hit play, and then it says 3:32 – not sure why). Take a look:

And, right at this moment, I happened to notice all the 3’s on my webpage here: 3 updates needed. 193 words – take a look (and, of course, I’ve edited since then, but it was neat right when that happened and I noticed):

I believe that if you’re living right, that there are no coincidences. I think whether you’re agnostic or Christian, Jewish or Native American, there is always an energy that comes from Source (or God or the Universe).

When you align with that energy, and you’re open to seeing signs, they begin to appear everywhere.


Repeating Number 1

About a month before I created this website, in September, 2016, I was doing research. I was wondering if I should go through with it.

I’d created websites before, and they’re a lot of work, but I had had a long-time dream of wanting to share my spiritual path with folks and the things that I learn.

Not long after, I went to the health foods store to pick up some matcha (we all know how much I love that stuff) on a bright Saturday afternoon.

The total came to $11.11.

At that moment, the store owner stopped and looked right at me with her older, but bright blue eyes. “You have a gateway opening. If you’re contemplating a new project, you need to do it. You have the angels’ blessing. Those numbers are important and you need to pay attention to them.”

I couldn’t speak for a moment.

Never before had anyone ever said such a thing to me. Furthermore, I live in the South. You know: the Bible Belt of the USA. People don’t just say things like that.

I’d been to that store before. I’d seen the store owner before. I’d been to plenty of other health food stores.

There was never a moment where someone saw the significance in numbers and then actually shared that information with me.

The fact that she said that to me just as I was about to embark on a new journey was quite jolting. I’d never paid that much attention to numbers before.

I was open to it.

And somehow that woman knew. 

I went home and hopped on the internet to find out more about repeating number 1: it indicates that the direction in which I’m going is a good one and that I need to continue.

It symbolizes a spiritual path and the journey to really be your true self.

That’s exactly what I was wanting to do – even before seeing the repeating number 1’s.

I’d see the number 1 repeating itself a few times again over the course of the next few weeks: on clocks (I’d look up at random times in the morning and evening and I would see 11:11), on houses, on different bills or on my car odometer when I reached 111,111 miles.

A month later, I created this site, and I saw that number less…until…

1111 angel number

Repeating Number 3

Starting in about November, the number 3 started coming up over and over again – by itself and in repeating patterns.

I was working one day and walked into a campus kitchen to pick up some supplies. I knew the clocks were all wrong in there and didn’t pay attention to them…until I looked up and saw 11:33 on one of the clocks (it was after 4 in the afternoon).

I knew that was a blend of the symbolism of number 1 (amplified twice) and number 3 (amplified twice).

In the afternoons, I will check my phone to be sure I’m on time with setting things up before students arrive.

Almost daily since November, I’ll look down and see 2:33. I don’t check my phone’s clock that often, but even if I check the clock five times in that hour of preparation, more often than not, I catch it at 2:33.

I started to really notice this number. Granted, I look at the clock at all times of the day – we all do. But I can’t tell you how many times since November I see that it’s :33 after the hour.

I’ve spoken to others about this – friends and family. They are all surprised at this – the repeating numbers and have been witness to it.

I noticed this number while we were traveling this past week. I wouldn’t often pay attention to the mile markers along the interstate highways.

But I’d look over every so often to gather my directional bearings and I cannot tell you how many times I saw MM133, MM233, MM333, MM433 or Exit 33.

On Friday, March 10, we left Colorado to head back to North Carolina. We stopped at a rest area to sleep for a few hours that night. I noticed that when we woke up to continue traveling, it was 2:33am on Saturday morning. (Yes, we drove straight through, stopping only to take a walking break or a restroom break, or to rest when we were tired.)

So what do repeating 3’s mean?

First, it represents a trinity – of balance and being careful to maintain it. It also represents mind, body and spirit and their harmony. It’s also associated with divinity – even a Jesus connection.

It also represents the idea that ascended masters in the heavens are supportive of projects and endeavors that I am undertaking – that I am working to be in alignment with my purpose and passion.

It’s a number for someone who’s aspiring to be a lightworker – as I am – through love, peace and harmony.

It’s an indicator to remain positive and optimistic in my life endeavors.

I interpret this to mean that the direction in which I’m going is the one that I am supposed to be going in, AND that it’s a gentle reminder to keep pursuing my desire to become a lightworker.

I know, for me, this number is important: I will sometimes doubt myself and my direction. But seeing 3’s everywhere is a constant reminder to keep moving forward, to keep doing what I’m doing, and I’m receiving encouragement.


Seeing the number 233

Before I delve into the meaning of this number, I have to say that the last house in which I lived was at 233 Acorn Dr.

Along with repeating 3’s, I often see the number 233 now (the example above illustrates this). I know that this is a “guiding” number.

This number has several significant and important meanings – not only in general, but also to me personally.

First, it’s a number that says to “keep the balance.” This is a message to strive to focus on what’s really important and let the other stuff go.

Honestly, I am working so much these days and I’m so sensitive to stress that I’m contemplating making some significant changes in my life as far as work goes.

This number also signifies that I have great faith. I do, actually.

My faith is a blend of eastern and western traditions (hence being “spiritually independent“), but I believe that there is guidance from beyond: from ancestors and friends who have gone on before me to other angels and spirits.

The more I meditate, the more I feel this.

It’s a number that also symbolizes natural optimism (anyone who knows me understands that I’m a practical optimist) and making connections. Indeed, I’ve been wanting to make more friendships in this (relatively) new place in which I live.

This number also stands for the idea that I will succeed in my quest to become a lightworker. This is extremely uplifting and important to me. It’s encouragement to keep meditating, and to meditate on good things.

Lastly, this number also symbolizes the Tree of Life – which spans most major and many minor religions.

When I read that, chills ran down my spine.

I’m almost finished with my Tree of Life coloring book. I also have my Tree of Life in my living room displaying all my intentions for the year and I did a corresponding post about it.

This number is a sign to remain positive and to trust that the journey I’m on is the right one. It’s also a message to have faith in humanity (which is good because given our current political climate, I’ve found myself wondering).

233 is also a number in the Fibbonacci sequence, which is part of sacred geometry. It is a prime number.

So many significant meanings: spirituality, Tree of Life, sacred geometry. It all makes sense.

angel number 444

Repeating Number 4

I’ve also been seeing the number 4 in repeating patterns of 44 and 444. Though I haven’t seen these as much, they suggest that I need to commit to working hard for my cause and to not lose sight of what is important.

After a day of skiing, I was passing through a neighborhood in Salida, CO. I was looking at all the cottage-like houses and one in particular caught my attention with its beautiful, artsy colors.

House numbers are not typically something I notice, but right above the doorway to this gorgeous but small house, I saw its number: 444. I hadn’t noticed numbers on any of the other houses on this particular street; they’re often hard to find when you’re actually looking. I wasn’t looking for any house numbers on that particular day.

I remember a few years ago when I was trying to lead a more “creative” life. I was doing a lot of knitting and painting and trying to sell my creations. I actually had much success in selling scarves and blankets at 444 Cafe in Asheville, NC (it is now defunct, unfortunately) until I realized that knitting – as lovely and meditative as it is – was not supposed to be the way I wanted to make a living.

444 is also a number that symbolizes further encouragement for my current path and the divine life I want to live. If I need help, I need only ask.

For me, I can also extrapolate more meaning from this number: it’s a number symbolizing creativity and that being creative – at least for me – is a necessary part of life.

It’s also a number that, for my own life, is confirmation that integrating my spirituality, creativity and talents is what I’m supposed to do.

In tandem with serving others, I’m creating a spiritual business based on being a lightworker, and these numbers all remind me that I am on a noble and correct path.

I understood from the beginning that maintaining a website – and starting from scratch – is a huge undertaking. It’s compounded by the fact that I have a demanding (albeit fulfilling) day job.

There are moments where I wonder if I’m doing everything correctly. Probably not, but it’s still a fun adventure, extraordinarily fulfilling, and I have angels on my side.

This is all a perfect segue way into next week’s post on living intentionally. The encouragement I’m getting from all those around me – even spiritually – is most incredible and I’m grateful. I am going to be undertaking a year-long project that will, hopefully, change my life in tandem with all these signs.

I’m still working out the details – and I still won’t know everything at the start of the project on 1 April – but I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts and process with you.




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