Though this guided meditation is designed for anytime, I wanted to share it now because it seemed like the perfect time:

It’s the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, the presidential inauguration is pending, the Women’s March on Washington, DC is in the works…still, there are the pressing issues of our time: climate change, animal extinctions, extreme weather, water shortages…it can all feel like so much.

We are living in a time of great change.

What we all need is a sense that we can make a difference. That we are loved. That we can be love and send love. That peace, love and hope start within each of us.

I decided to create a guided meditation to bring that out. Because hate is not what changes the world for the better. Disscontempt and revenge are not the answer. Only love is the answer.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And so, here’s my answer to this statement by the revered Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That we can evoke and spread love at any time.

It takes about nine minutes.

The video transcript (the actual meditation) is below:

meditation on love

A Guided Meditation on Peace and Love to Be an Agent of Change

Because our thoughts lead to words and words lead to actions, everything we think determines what happens around us.

Right now in our world, we are at a critical time where so many of us are wanting to make the world a better place.

We’re wanting to see a reconnection with Spirit, and create a harmonious existence that allows for us all to live with each other, with other forms of life and a healing planet.

The purpose of this guided meditation is to invite more peace and love into our lives so that we can be catalysts of change. We have no higher purpose in this life than to serve others and to help spread love and healing.

As you listen, sit in a relaxed place where you won’t be disturbed. Let the words wash over you and infuse your heart with a sense of love, of harmony, of a desire to be a source of peace.

You can listen anytime you would like to take a moment to focus on your breathing or want to feel a sense of harmony or love.

As you relax, turn your thoughts to that place within. That core of your being that is responsible for your breathing. Take a deep breath in and then breathe out.

Feel the air, how the oxygen expands in your lungs, providing you with life-giving elements that will head to every part of your body.

Feel your lungs then contracting, expelling carbon dioxide. Your breathing reflects the perfect balance of what you need to be alive and that which you breathe out for plants and trees and other forms of life to use.

Breathe in again and feel your lungs expand once more. But this time, know this expansion is harmony, tranquilty. Then breathe out.

Breathe in again and feel the golden breath of harmony filter through your whole being.

You are breathing in peace.

You are becoming peace.

You are a harmonious being, perfectly capable of radiating this harmony all around you.

Breathe in and out, in and out, in a continuous rhythmic motion.

Because you feel this tranquility, you radiate a beautiful energy. This energy is the vibration of peace and hope, love and stillness.

You feel yourself smiling, and now imagine that you’re going for a walk. This walk leads you from wherever you are to the edge of the forest.

The sky is a dark gray to your right. A recent rain storm has left everything wet, but clean-looking.

The after-rain scent in the air lingers all around you: on granite boulders that beckon you into the forest, on the soft dirt trail upon which your feet tread, on the fern leaves that gently sway as water droplets fall off of them to the damp earth.

You hear the song of frogs nearby and different birds – larks and swallows, pigeons and doves. The harmony of song and scent dance around your senses and the gratitude in your heart swells and flows throughout your body.

You look up, the sun is in the western sky, painting the clouds with orange and magenta and its rays bend over the distant mountains, casting a rainbow against the dark eastern sky.

Brilliant colors arc across the landscape.

You turn toward the forest, whose trees and leaves beckon you to walk the path, as if welcoming you in a big embrace.

Pebbles crunch under your feet and your tongue catches the taste of sap-scented pine in the air as you embark upon your journey down the trail. Dapples of sunlight illuminate your way, shining throughout the forest canopy. You step through mulch beds of pine and ascend a gently sloping incline.

You feel your heartbeat speed up until you come to an overlook.

You’ve been walking awhile, and welcome the rest. In the distance, you see blankets of beautiful green forest, merging with blue mountains fading into the horizon.

Birds still sing and their music happily dances in sweet, perfect symphony. Right now, in this moment, all you feel is bliss.

The orchestra of sound, vision, scents and taste all play together in a composed scene of congruence.

You feel balanced, safe and bathed in light.

With a smile on your face, you continue on your journey. Returning to the path, you’re moving along, and your whole body tingles with synchronous energy.

You understand that nature’s balance is your balance. That this passage through the forest is exactly where you’re supposed to be right now.

Awhile later, you come to a fork. Now you need to decide which path you choose. You smile, knowing that either one will take you where you need to go, even if you may not know the final destination.

You choose the path that goes to the left and continue on your way, stepping gently over tree roots, small rocks, little springs, and grassy meadows.

In the distance, you hear a rumbling waterfall. You brush against low-growing ferns, and droplets of water land on your shoulders from the thick maple trees above.

The sound of babbling water gets louder as you continue to walk forward. You’re aware of the feeling the rhythmic motion of each step you take, of how your hands and legs swing, step after step after step.

At last, you come to a large pond with a cascading stream pouring into it, The waterfall isn’t too large, and the sound is just right. Not too loud and only ripples the pond a little bit. You look for a place to sit.

You see a large rock, made of basalt, that is flat on top. You walk up and sit down, and immediately you feel its warmth from the sun’s rays hitting it.

Taking in the scenery, you realize that few people have ever seen this pond. Large trees surround it, and behind them, towering rocks hug together.

Looking back at the pond, you see that it is heart-shaped. Immediately your own heart fills with a sense of love. Two swans float in the pond, occasionally dunking their heads.

They look at you, and seemingly smile, infusing you with a powerful sense of love.

They continue to stare, and you feel your thoughts grow absolutely still. They have a message for you. The message imprints on your mind. What is it?

At this moment, you realize that love starts within.

It starts with your own senses, feelings and experience. Your heart now beats every second with harmony, love and a growing sense of peace.

The waterfall imprints its peaceful sounds upon your spirit. The swans entwine themselves and you witness their bliss and understand their message.

You sit there for awhile, taking in the clean scent of water, and contemplate your special message.

Looking up, you notice the rainbow has followed you.

Its brilliant colors still arc across the sky, and the dark gray clouds have rolled away.

You know in this moment that you can imagine this special place at any time and feel pure peace, pure harmony and pure love.

When you’re ready, you slowly stand up, and head back down the path from where you came.

You come to the fork and pass by, knowing that you will come back here and explore the other path another time.

For now, you continue back down the path still filled with a sense of balance and bliss.

Eventually you come to the edge of the forest. The sun’s rays start to wave goodbye, but not before sending more rays of warmth to surround your spirit.

Now, you are ready to return to your regular world and spread the love, harmony and bliss you have experienced.

The message you received stays in your heart.

You know that with compassionate action, loving thoughts, and kind words, you can always make the world a better place. You know that you are love, and that this energy will disseminate to those around you.

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