Insights As Answers to Questions

There’s something that happens when a person meditates over a long period of time.

You start to get these “bursts” of insight at seemingly random times. They are such gifts!

It’s best to describe what happens with a couple different stories.

In June 2016, I went on one of my first meditation retreats. We were in meditation mode for those four days, committing to silence and resolving to meditate. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

meditation bell

The meditation bell at Southern Dharma Retreat Center

Most of my life, I’ve often wondered what my purpose was, and what I’m supposed to do on this planet. I think many of us share these sentiments. That question is never far from my mind.

I arrived at the meditation center on a Wednesday and stayed until the following Sunday.

I’m not sure what morning it was, but I kept having trouble pushing thoughts of, “I need to be working on my novel” and “why did I bother to come here if I can’t unplug, anyways?” out of my mind. Along with the aforementioned, “what am I supposed to do with my life?”

I climbed to the top of a hill overlooking all the cabins at the meditation complex and had a beautiful view of the meadows and clearings nearby. I ambled over to a large rock and walked over to the edge of it. Sensing that this would be a beautiful and serene place to sit and meditate for a few minutes, I walked out, quietly sat down, and let my legs dangle over the edge of the large rock.

I took several deep breaths as I looked out, taking in the greenery and hearing the sound of a few songbirds in the gently swaying maple trees. An involuntary smile grew on my face as a sense of gratitude washed over me.

A Stroke of Insight

It was then that a statement registered on the screen of my mind. It was accompanied by a little zing. It was a sort of “demarcation” that I should pay attention to what’s next.

You spend too much time worrying about the future. The time is now. Everything is going to be all right. Accept what is and do your work.

I felt like God, or Spirit, (it matters not the name) had reached into my mind and typed a cosmic message on the screen of my subconscious.

It was a stroke of insight that I would later share on the last day of our retreat when we were allowed to speak to each other.

I instantly knew this was a gift and I still often think of this statement when I’m at a crossroads with regard to my future and what I should do with myself.

In my persistence with my meditation practice – I’m probably a little addicted to it by now – these strokes of insight have started coming more frequently.

More Insights

The other day I was questioning the decision to create yet another website (which would be this one) to hold and share my words. To be sure, I’ve created a couple of them, devoting time, energy, and in some cases, hard-earned money.

I wondered to myself if it would be worth it, and if I was really going to make a difference. (We all have these doubts. Indeed, I know this to be part of the human condition.)

I was by myself at home when another gift of insight came to me. I was folding laundry, of all things. The same feeling I just described above happened to me: there was a little zing and I felt my awareness hone in on the screen of my mind.

Message #1 came through:

Meditation is making a difference in your life. You are now developing the gift of insight.

Great! Though this information wasn’t groundbreaking, I relished in the idea that these small gifts were appearing in my consciousness more frequently. But then another message revealed itself to me:

You ARE making a difference. In the way you’re creating a mastermind group and showing others the way, you’re inspiring them.

In the way your words inspire others on your website, you’re working to change the world. 

Your hard work continues to pay off. The hours of labor that you have put in since 2011 are now coming to fruition.

If you’ve ever watched that movie, “The Ten Commandments” I swear it was a little like listening to that booming God-voice about to give Moses tablets of rules to live by.

Okay, so maybe I have used a bit of hyperbole here, but still…it’s really cool what’s happening.

The two statements in Message #2 were about validation. I’ve written on various sites for a long time. It’s for the love of art and creativity and the written word. But it’s still nice to have that validation.

Alas, my mind knows that I still have an Ego to contend with. Perhaps Ego will one day lay itself to rest. In the meantime, I treasure these little blips of wisdom that shine through all the other brain chatter.

Just when I was about to finish the laundry, I sensed that my mind wasn’t done.

A third message came through.

Remember to take action. Do ONE THING every single day that move you forward with your spiritual business. If it’s writing, painting, otherwise creating or if it has to be an element of marketing to spread the word, figure out what that one thing is and ACT upon it.

Wow. It’s like my heart already knows the answers. I had the questions and I was willing to listen through the practice of daily silence.


Three powerful messages all came in the span of a few minutes. I immediately felt a sense of gratitude. I also smiled at the realization that:

I do know the answers. If I will but just still myself enough to listen. #intuitiveandspiritual Click To Tweet

We All Have the Answers to Our Own Questions

This tells me that we all have that knowing – that sense that in our hearts we already know the answers to our questions. We just have to learn to listen.

The only way to do that is by bringing the mind to a still silence.

This is one of the gifts of meditation.

It is not something that happens overnight.

Or at least for me it hasn’t. I’ve been a fairly regular meditator since 2004.

And, well, mine is a particularly “full” head.

I’ve always had trouble just focusing on my breath: so many competing thoughts and the desire to find solutions to all my problems and issues often crowd that silent space.

But when I push through all that and invite the silence in, miracles start to happen.

Coloring and Meditation Page

As seems to be happening with the end of my posts, I have an insight coloring mandala. I also colored my drawing in, to create a mandala with which I can meditate.

insight mandala meditation

I wish you many gifts of insight and finding the answers to your own questions.

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