Spirituality through creativity

I make no qualms about it: I am a creative person and have a need to express it – I find spirituality through creativity.

I think many people who are creative, tend to be spiritual, as well. Part of this is because of personality type. If we’re talking Myers-Briggs, “I-N” types tend to be not only creative, but quite intuitive when it comes to creative expression.

Intuitive types also tend to favor spirituality over religion. Not that that’s good or bad; it just is.

But I often use my creative tendencies to express myself spiritually.

This means that I write, paint, draw, do crafts, knit, and other things that allow me to express myself. Journaling is another creative avenue I explore, along with photography. I’ve even tried to learn the piano and guitar, though…I admit I didn’t stick with them long enough to get that good.

In other words, if it’s a creative endeavor, I have probably tried it.

I often tell people that when they’re going through tough times, that creative expression can help them deal with and process their feelings. When they’re not going through tough times, then that creative expression can help deepen the relationship that they have with themselves. These are both ways to become more spiritual.

Creative expression

Creative expression serves to:

  • release emotions
  • help you to channel those emotions into something productive (and not destructive)
  • helps to ease tension
  • allows you to express yourself without judgement (and from there, you can choose whether to share or not)
  • increase your creativity
  • send a message (such as artwork that protests inequality)
  • allow your right brain to explore
  • increase your intuition (by getting you in touch with your senses)
  • and much more

Before doing something creative, I recommend a session of meditation. Meditation opens the mind, brings you to the present and turns on those creative channels that often generate so many innovative ideas.

The following is a poem that I wrote off the cuff after five minutes of meditation:

spirituality through creativity

Cold Makes Me Look Within

The blue October sky

Contrasts the golden-brown landscape.

I know the winter is coming and I mentally brace against the cold.

But the nippy air makes me look inside,

There’s a fiery heart full of cinnamon love –

For myself. My spouse. My fellow humans. My planetary home.

I send love and blessings to all, rainbow colors of good will, good health, good luck, good cheer and good blessings.

All the colors of good wrapped in a blanket of the autumnal light, the autumnal rays.

Creativity leads to catharsis

Sometimes, when you come up with an idea to do something – especially after meditation – you never know what catharsis might happen. Perhaps you’ll veer onto a new course. Perhaps you’ll come up with a business idea. Perhaps you’ll work out your emotions.

During the summer of 2009, I had some time and friends and family encouraged me to write down my personal history. I’d had an interesting upbringing in a nursing home and being adopted.

I never knew how much resentment I carried; I’ve always been sort of happy-go-lucky in an introverted sort of way.

But when I finished 150 pages of “letting it all out,” the clouds parted, my outlook was brighter, my heart felt lighter and I no longer harbored the negative emotions that seemed to hold me back. It was indeed a cathartic experience.

Meditation Time

So, now I’ll ask you:

Meditate for five minutes and use your favorite channel of creative expression. What do you come up with?

Do you feel more connected?

intuitive and spiritual

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