I’ve seen some prayers for abundance on the internet and have even tried them. I’ve felt like they’ve worked, but honestly, I feel like they’re too focused on the person and not enough on wanting abundance for everyone.

In wanting the highest good for all people, I created my own abundance prayer. It addresses Source, but you can substitute any word you like: God, Spirit, Allah, etc.

Why would I create such a prayer?

Bring Abundance into Your Life While Helping People

Because I think that many in the world are suffering.

Many people in the world need more abundance: more food, clothing, shelter, love, and hope, among other things.

Therefore, while calling more abundance to yourself, why not make the world a better place while you’re at it?

Because we’re all on this marble together. What is good for humanity is harmony, optimal health, and an abundance of love and resources to heal ourselves, the planet, our relationships, and more.

Enjoy this prayer. And may you feast in abundance.

abundance prayer

A Simple Prayer of Abundance


I am Light.

I am Love.

I am Compassion.

I wish for the highest good for all people.

In this way, I know that Source and Love provide for me.

In this way, I know and understand that the positive river of abundance is coming to me right now.

I wish for the river of abundance to touch all who say this prayer.

In touch with Source, I envision an abundance of love in my life.

In touch with Source, I envision an abundance of funds in my life.

In touch with Source, I envision an abundance of freedom in my life.

In touch with Source, I envision an abundance of health in my life.

I am open to receiving these gifts from the universe because I deserve them, as everyone deserves them.

As these gifts flow to me, I am grateful for the love that I feel, the funds that provide, the freedom I experience, and the health for which I am blessed.

My heart is full and I know I must also take action to initiate the deliverance of these gifts.

And to my subconscious, I decree and know this to be true.

I trust this to be true, and I that I will manifest my destiny.

Graciously I accept and I vow to share my gifts with others so that they, too, may reap the benefits of bountiful abundance in every area of their lives.

Love and peace.

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