Writing a blessing for success

I crafted this blessing for success for several reasons.

First, I’ve looked online and never found one that quite fit my needs. So, I decided to write one for myself.

Second, I wanted to create a blessing for those who find that other prayers might be too religious, and don’t quite speak to where they are in life. This was my own issue, too.

Third, at least some of the prayers seemed very lopsided in asking for success: they may not include the bigger picture of why we need to feel successful. It’s not always about the money, you know?

It’s about making a difference. Feeling valued. Overcoming an obstacle. Having the tenacity to stick with something until the goal is realized.

It’s about love and taking pride in one’s actions. It’s about using our time, talents and energies for the greater good.

You can have anything you want if you help enough other people with what they want.

-Zig Ziglar

A Blessing for Success

blessing for success and gratitude

As you read, feel free to substitute the word “Source” with whatever you’d like: Love, Spirit, Yahweh, etc.

Before you read:

Find a quiet spot. Close your eyes. Think about why you’re saying this blessing. Is it to help you get through a tough day? Is it to start your day on a note of success? Are you embarking on a project? Conducting a meeting?

Set an intention for whatever it is to come to a resolution. Say the poem with conviction and even if you don’t believe, repeat it until you do.

With that in mind, hold that thought as you take ten deep breaths to center yourself. Then read the blessing.

A Blessing For Success

Success comes from the heart.

It is a gift for which to be grateful.

Source is my power, my strength,

Source is my inspiration.

I believe in myself and in my dreams.

I know that I am capable of this task.

I resolve to succeed at work, at home and in life,

Because I see this task done in my mind and my actions will follow.

I resolve to work hard – to do what it takes –

To make a difference in my life and in the lives of others.

I will use my strengths and gifts to do the work I need to do,

And I will be grateful when I have accomplished my goal.

I will work with joy to fulfill my purpose,

And rejoice in gratitude when I have achieved this task.

I ask this for my highest self and for all those who recite this blessing.


I hope you enjoyed it! And I wish you much success in your life! In the moments after reciting this, I swear exciting things happen in my life.

Let me know if you experience triumph after reciting this poem.

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