Do you ever find your mind creating questions and then entertaining the possibilities for hours afterwards?

I was looking through a National Geographic magazine the other day and there were different articles about happenings around the world: scenes from Aleppo (in Syria), scenes about climate change and more.

As I looked at the pictures – which can be hard to stomach sometimes – I kept asking the question, “what if?”

Which then led to a series of questions that sort of resembled a poem. These questions aren’t meant to be answered – at least not as part of this little series of questions. They’re meant for pondering.

Oh…the possibilities!


What if? A series of questions to make you think…

What if we fixed climate change?
What if all the world’s countries didn’t have borders?
What if we respected all life?
What if we treated humans and animals alike as absolutely sacred beings?
What if we decreased the human population by having fewer children?
What if transcended politics or religion and regarded each other just as human beings?
What if we eliminated poverty all over the world?
What if we assumed the best about people?
What if we stopped judging each other?
What if we treated trees, rocks, rivers, and the air as sacred?
What if we eliminated capitalism?
What if we all learned to work from our hearts and not our minds?
What if everyone was guaranteed a basic income?
What if the color of one’s skin was irrelevant?
What if we cultivated our intuition?
What if we honored all cultures?
What if we all agreed to do no harm?
What if we all had the courage to speak our truth?
What if all our schools taught history from the perspectives of all involved at the time?
What if we only had enlightened leaders?
What if the entire world was literate?
What if there was one world government?
What if there were no poor countries? Rich countries?
What if all countries enacted nuclear disarmament?
What if we all grew up with love?
What if we only had things we needed?
What if our houses were all tiny and efficient?
What if we never littered or polluted again?
What if everyone learned to meditate?

These are questions that I like to play with in my mind, especially when I start thinking about all the goings-on of the world.


Thinking about possibilities

Thinking about all these questions and all the possibilities is actually a great segue-way into my meditation teaching, and moving forward.

Y’all, I have come to absolutely love it here at Intuitive and Spiritual. It’s not that I’m so “attached” to it that I can’t let it go, but I must continue here…indefinitely.

I’m on a journey of awakening. (Yes, I did just write that.) I want to share those experiences of the journey.

However, I also recognize that if I’m going to be teaching meditation to a variety of folks, then the two main words in my website could scare them off. If I’m teaching veterans, elders, or people in public school, you just can’t use the word “spiritual” with these folks.

I need to have a website that honors people from all walks of life. That last question up there, “what if we all learned to meditate?” is on purpose.

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” –Dalai Lama

This is a simple quote that embodies the idea that we all become more compassionate with meditation – no matter who we are. It should be something accessible to all. Not just Buddhists, spiritual types, etc.

I envision myself reaching all who would want to learn – that come in contact with me.

While in my training recently, we had a segment where the meditation institute founder had a public “learn to meditate” class in which all of us teachers-in-training participated. In that class there was a firefighter and a woman visiting from England who happened to walk by the institute and saw a sign to come on in. I could tell that they walked away ready to implement a basic practice into their lives.

So, I am building a website to launch hopefully toward the end of August. It’ll be simple at first, but as I create material, I’ll be able to flesh it out. I’ll announce it here when I do launch.

Flash fiction, poetry, mandalas…

I want to continue sharing stories here that would inspire people to hone a spiritual path, as well as share poetry, mandalas, and stories of sacred travels – all the things I already do. The meditation website will be a “satellite” of this one. That’s where my teaching will take place, as well as guided meditations, mandala meditations, and eventually the hub for retreats.

As everything unfolds and I honor my time as a teacher, and balance what’s going on here, as well as with the other website, I may change the frequency or even the content of what I post here.

Here’s to the journey, to sharing the love, and to doing my part to bring peace to the planet.

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